Saturday, March 7, 2009

long open road

Yesterday, Friday 6 March, turned out to be a fairly good day. Sarah came to Kensington and visited me for lunch which was fantastic and lifted my mood immeasurably. Then, upon my return from lunch, the boss told me my long-service-leave had been approved by on high. So that's it. I'm outta there for 8 weeks commencing May 18, fully paid, and I can do what I want.

I have a few ideas, one of which is to write. I'd like to write a short story, or more to the point, vignettes and snapshots of my life thus far compiled into one complete story. I plan to hire a shack down in North Wollongong for a week and just write. Walk along jarring clifftops, breathe in the sea, and head back to the shack and write. I wish to record some more. I have a song called 'Secrets' I'd like to record. I'll look at writing and recording some new songs perhaps if I'm bottled enough for it. For the moment though it seems the idea of writing a short story is that which is ringing my inspire-bells. I'll have to buy a laptop though so I can carry around the fermenting i-book wherever I go.

I wish to visit Melbourne and do a tour of the Maton factory where they build quality acoustic guitars using indigenous woods. I'd like to visit a few decent shops in Melbourne, namely the Bass Centre and Acoustic Centre. I'll take a ferry avec car to Tassie and hang out there for a while, and upon my return home I'll stop off at Canberra and perhaps do a hike in Tidbinbilla forest just south of the city.

I'd like to visit Brisbane again, and go further north to Cairns and visit the nearby Atherton tablelands. If there's time I'd like to visit Darwin and Kakadu and perhaps Perth and Adelaide but I'm not sure if I'll fit those in. I'd like some time at home to be creative and to rest my body.

My body needs a rest after 13 years on the job. It's been fun, but I'm glad the big break is coming. When it's over my life will have changed, guaranteed. Perhaps all of our lives will.

Just keep reading the daily news media...

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