Monday, March 30, 2009

City Robots, Autumn, & happy birthday blog!

I was so pissed off.  I did the dutiful citizenly thing of carefully placing coinage into the little slot of that lumpen automated hunk of parking meter that you find strewn in seemingly every street all over the greater metropolis and some way beyond.  The fucker didn't print me out a ticket.  The machine was busted, someone may have vandalised this particular rectangular robot, some hoon, some idiot or group thereof.  I shrug my shoulders and take a photo on my mobile (and send it off to my wee blog) just in case the mob with hats and badges come storming down out from nowhere with their burrowed frows and pads and pens and carbon paper.

I strolled off arm-in-arm with my dear Sarah and had a most lovely Indian meal at a nearby restaurant.

And there it was, upon our return to the car, a white flag of a parking ticket shoved under the wiper of the windscreen.  #$@&s!  The only option other than to pay the fine of $81 is to contest the fine in court which is what I've decided unhesitatingly.  Today I flew off an extremely strident letter full of paragraphs in upper-case that hid none of my indignation and extreme annoyance at this unfair situation.  The point must be made, this is totally a matter of principle.  I did all the right things.  I fed the insatiable machine its coins.  I've a photo to prove it and I even attached the printed photo from my blogsite to the letter that I'd sent with the court notification slip.   I just hope the cutoff from my blogsite - Cellphone Camera Dumpsite - doesn't look too quirky...but then I don't care if it does.

Parking officers are now an insidious plague that have grown to king-kong proportions over this city.  They are now as difficult to avoid as bat-shit at night.  How anyone would wish to do a job like that is beyond me, but they must be paid well.  Quite obviously, for they're raking in a hell of a lot of dough.

But it won't be my bread this time around!


I do like this time of year.  As we climb over the autumnal equinox we find the nights rapidly devouring the evening sunlight we'd been used to over the past few months.  The days remain mildly warm for some time while the nights commence their cooling off.  I love the afternoons at this time of year with those long, languid sunsets that compliment the amber and orange of the leaves of the maple and plane trees.  By late-April the nights continue to cool some more and the days aren't warm anymore.  We move into May, the most comfortable month in my opinion and for me it's like new year.  It definitely shall be like 'new year' this year, I'll be taking eight weeks off work from mid-May.  Much to be done, to be donne...


As of 1st April, two days away, my blog shall turn 1 year old.  I shan't be blowing a candle and filling my face with sponge cake, suffice to say that I'm very pleased with this endeavour and at times, I'm quite proud of what I've written.   I will continue to blog and hope to keep developing this a little more.  Soon I shall do a creative writing course and when I have my time off I hope to do a lot more writing, which I'm hoping will evolve into a book of some sort.  

I'd like to send a thanks to every blogger I've read as all of you have influenced me in some way.  I love people and I love reading about them and what they have to say and where they're coming from as individuals.  I'd like to thank all of you who've passed comments on my blog, it's a very ingratiating form of communication and it's nice to know that what you've written can reach people in some way, small or large.  You've all touched me in some way.  I'm a humanist, an observer, and I love you all.

I can't wait to start this book, but tonight I wish to finish reading Running with to you soon,

Ross B.


The Knitting Songbird said...

God damn parking meters and parking coppers! It's the same here. There's even a local joke that goes "if you're in trouble, don't call the police - call the parking copper 'cause they're on every bloody corner!"

And Happy Birthday blog! It's always a wonderful, wonderful read. Can't wait for your book.

Take care dear friend,

ross b said...

Thanks Mary, for your support etal, but I ain't feeling all that confident right now. The book...we're looking at post 2012 so it's more like God Save the Queen ala Sex future!

The only problem is f$^#ing day job - takes up valuable time.

Anyway, tired and must sleep!
All the best, Ross

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