Saturday, February 14, 2009

flashpoint X

i walk alone
walking, walking
hurried and flurried
head racing
heart pumping
rarely pausing
save for kerbs and coloured lights
warning and inviting
greens reds
and liquid ambers
lights ablazing
drinks with sharp teeth
and neon treachery
flashing temptations
stripped & strip joints
old and seedy
i'm green and verdant
i crisscross the thugs
i reach the fountain
i pause
wishing i had my camera on me
eyeing down macleay street
peering through darlinghurst road
i take a deep nosebreath
i mouseclick my memory bank
i'm numbed by velvet sensation
berlin bauhaus decadence
and more recently
70's theatre haphazardness
writers bards & directors
drinking in the orgy of the underworld
creating making shaping 'n' shaking
the city in all its jagged ways
burning with cliff's-edge vitality

my 90's time in springfield avenue
views of glamour and city lights
drugdealers at my door
and as i perceive the carnival from my fountain
like, now
the shells appear too polished
grimacing & unnatural
like the pained tourist destination she's become
all the darker and more tainted for the appearance of clean
like some crazed anxiety dream
the oyster's now dried and shrivelled
i gaze down at my watch
my arm moves up deliberately
woken from some kind of starkstreet slumber
i'm counting down to midnight
to flashpoint
it won't be long now, i realise
gazing back to the streets
it shan't be long at all...


The Knitting Songbird said...

Nice post Ross!

The good ol' red light district of Syd town, love it. Used to go there a lot when I was at school - during the day though :P. Went back there a couple of years ago and yeah, it has become a bit freaky now it's seemingly cleaned up and become almost genteele...doesn't have that same seedy edge with all the designer shops, does it...

ross b said...

In the late 70's the place would have been bursting with vibe! I'm still fond of the place but it's not the same as it used to be.


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