Saturday, February 7, 2009

tea raffle

i'd dreamt last night i'd bought a brand new apartment. i walked into an apartment and i liked it and a young couple from the unit next door were in there telling me their cat's gone missing as i overlook the courtyard through a window. there's a galvanised roof just below. for an instant i smell that sharp whiff of cat wee. i faintly hear the couple tell me that cats aren't allowed anyway and they disappear. i go back to the front of the apartment block where a lady - looking like someone who's organising a tea raffle - shows me a piece of paper with squares on it filled with pencilled names. i pencil my name into that square aka unit i'd just visited and i seem to recall erasing whatever name was on there already. i go back to the unit, it is mine now. the first thing i do is walk to the window overlooking the galvanised roof that overlooks the leafy courtyard. i'm sniffing around for the whiff of cat pee and thankfully i can't smell it now. the courtyard, from what i see of it, looks auspiciously like the courtyard at the arts faculty at UNSW, the morvern brown building. i begin to unpack. after a few minutes of gleeful milling about in that state of ownership buzz all the lights go out. the time in digital l.e.d. is trailing across the television. i realise i have to pay for the apartment and that i don't have the money. i pack up my things again and the lights come on and i decide to walk to the end of the apartment (that has just made its appearance in the dream) to find that this apartment is separated by another with one small wall of glass about 5'6" tall. The other apartment is furnished in a modern classic look with a light brown dresser containing immaculate wine glasses and matching table & chairs. I think of putting an extra divider along the glass to maintain the privacy but i walk away, disliking the clean light-brown furnishings of that adjacent apartment.

i walk back to the office with a loose pile of A4 paper in hand to deliver them their papers since i'm not buying the apartment after all. the office is closed. i run into someone at bondi junction and they offer to do it for me the next day, it's one of those older songwriter guys. but he tells me he's pressed for time but he'll see what he can do. he's keen to help me though.

.....and i awake and i don't know which way's south or north and east and west are a mindful distraction and i realise i'd better jab my finger more often as the blood test is coming and i do not wish to be hounded by doctors or clinicians.

who knows where we'll all be in 12 years time, anyway...


Lian said...

Well, what a dream, Ross. I didn't think I can comment at here again, but this one urged me to.

Been enjoying reading this blog, because the words are true and real; and it’s from a very caring mind. Never disliked people who love sunshine and trees; never liked people who would decorate their rooms with mice’s blood and women finger nails and stolen underwears…. so you got it, right?

I liked your previous blog which talked about love and friendship, although I don’t think to compare love and friendship is a nice idea. As for me, I ever thought sometimes love means to give up (friendship never needs to give up); and then I thought no, love is you are there, always there, let him see you whenever he wants, let him hear your warm words when he’s having hard time; share the happiness when he’s happy(just as you wrote), that is love. (much more like friendship… but ten times harder I guess, cause love is so complicated; and a hundred times hurting than I ever imagined.) Friendship is crystal, pure, adorable and peaceful; while love is diamond cutter, it saws you, cuts you, polishes you, until one day you begin to shine.(or just grinded to powder). One cannot say you ever loved when your heart didn’t ever bleed. But, (sigh), how I yarn for peaceful love; if it ever exists in this world. (I guess you will say, sure, there Is!)

Have a nice weekend, and enjoy the summer. ;)

Best wishes.

The Knitting Songbird said...

Fascinating stuff, Ross. I looked up what "apartments" mean in my dream dictionary and this is what it said:

To dream about an apartment, symbolizes a financial or situational state. To dream of a large, lavish apartment indicates a large increase to your income or an improvement to your family life. To dream of a shabby and dark apartment, indicates misfortune and possible loss of a lover or money.

Does any of that make sense to you? Does it have some sort of meaning in your waking life?

Anyways, very interesting read. Love dreams.

Take care!

ross b said...

Thanks for your comments all, I'm thinking of taking the plunge into 'buy' land!!! Many pros, but cons as well, so need to weigh up.

Hope all's well and cool where you are. Here it's been very hot up until today where it's actually quite cool. There have been nasty bushfires in Victoria this weekend, many fatalities, many homes destroyed.

Take care, Ross


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