Tuesday, February 10, 2009

life's a peach sometimes succulent occasionally hard often bruised

sometimes there's love
and sometimes there ain't
sometimes it's bliss
sometimes it's languor
it ain't honeybuns
or roses
for most of the time
with any body
that's just how it is for us modern fast-paced civilisationists
I like to be on my own a lot
I scarily relish in my own company
almost preferring it to anyone else's
...but not quite
for the best moments always come with someone else
someone who is quite special in that place and time we share
and i'm too vibrant and charged to remain a loner
too much of a communicator
a crazy musician
i just enjoy my downtime, that's all

there's been a lot of great highs
sweet, endearing & enduring moments
great times
it's been a golden summer really
one of my very best
definitely the best summer of the past decade or so
though summer never lasts
we're at tipping point now
as the sun dances its circular motion toward the equator
dipping into the northern hemisphere
to light up her icy worlds

everything is seasonal
if not apparent now
then in 1 10 15 20 30 40 50 years
we'll know for certain that everything is seasonal
and we spin along like the seasons
and every other who wafts into our lives like floating maple leaves
to walk off into that lonely elevator, eventually
one by one
onwards and upwards or downwards
unerringly, without fail
for everyone and everything we know

there's no need to douse this in remorse, or sadness
life just is
where there is good energy
energy of rightness
or goodness
of bonding
of togetherness
of love
for love is sensation, energy
then serve that energy in our lives

for sometimes love flickers almost imperceptibly fast
sharply and blindingly
dancing with a joy and lightness
with the beams of a thousand smiles
that disappears as quickly as it comes
until the next delicious moment
of its sweet arrival

let's be easy on each other
no one is perfect
least of all i
...but i'm damn close to it
what will be will be
undue pressure is unnecessary for anyone
most of all let's be easy on ourselves goddamn
let's smile
and hug
be easy
be gentle
be loving
be kind
be patient
be good to each other
and make some great music!

i just wish to see you happy
that's all

i just wish to see you happy...
that's all that matters to me


The Knitting Songbird said...

Like I said in a previous post, I hope that the warmth stays with you beyond summer...

Love never really fades to me but it does change colour, like the leaves in autumn. You just have to go with the flow.

Take care, thinkin' of ya

Lian said...

Thank you, Ross. I needed this.

Woke up at 2:30 this morning, and couldn't sleep any more. That's why I'm so early. ^^ .

Seoul is still very cold now, but there is a gentle breath of spring in the air. and I just like it.

Have a wonderful day.

ross b said...

I said to my sister on facebook i was hoping for an endless summer and she said am i out of my mind!!!??

I was just thinking of the Beach Boys album...'endless summer'...

Where I am it's always warm but i'm looking forward to a bit of ...deep freeze! ;)

Thanks for your comments once again, hope you're well'n'wonderful, I'll get back into blogland soon! Ross B

A.M. said...

Gentle, beautiful dose of reality. Love those first lines.

yes. so true.


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