Monday, February 2, 2009

flame freefall

warm warm hot
mass on sunday night
playing with gorgeous zmeow
beautiful music
sensual purple tones
the temperatures rise like sourdough
in this oven of perpetuity
we shan't witness the celcius drop
below 20
for many weeks to come
here come the flying cockroaches
the sweaty palms and scalps
the steamy furnace of weeks of middays
the gloating sun that rules all pervasions
declaring his yellow master-dome over all

i'm falling in the fire
some around me jump off the rim
crying n running with their bums on fire
i fall in further
i'm with you
i'm fully in the flame
i ain't flinchin'
and nor i don't intend to

life do me as you will
burn me if you have to
i'll be true as i can
becoming truer
and more real
for you


ZaraMeow said...

Your poems are so expansive.I'm finding that everytime I read and re-read them I'm discovering something new,a new image,thought or feeling that you're wanting to portray.
You're a true gift Ross,musically,lyrically,physically,mentally,lovingly.
Sarah xxx.

ross b said...

"You're a true gift Ross,musically,lyrically,physically,mentally,lovingly."

Thank you so much Sarah, you too are all these things to me.

Ross xxo


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