Saturday, January 17, 2009

Streets of your town

Streets of your town by the Go-Betweens. This is the 1st video version, the 2nd version being the official video that is a lot slicker and more MTV friendly. This is simply a video collage of snapshots around Sydney with the band members walking around and being filmed in various locales, much of which has since been or has continued to be gentrified, or the graffiti painted over, or the old trains replaced by newer, slicker bullets.

I'd heard this song before but until this year I never really sat down to listen to it. It's a great song and it's from a great record, '16 Lovers Lane'.

I wonder what inspired Grant McLennan to write this. Perhaps he was referring to Amanda Brown where he writes / sings "...everyday I make my way through the streets of your town...", Grant himself - with Robert Forster - being born and bred in Brisbane.

Whatever the primal inspiration the song captures the feel and time of the place perfectly.

I feel nostalgic watching this video that looks like it was shot around late-April (going by the glow of the sun & the amber on the trees). 1988 was my first year of university. It was a time when I was expanding and experiencing fast. My eyes opened wide that year, and during the following year too. There was an optimistic air around Sydney at that time that is captured in this song and it's accompanying album.

I wish I could turn back the clock and be in 1988 and be the person I am now in an 18-year old body. I'm a lot happier now, or shall I say, I'm a lot freer from unhappiness now.

The flip-side to this is though, when I had fun in the late-80's, it was real fun, with eyes wide open of course!!

And in many ways I remain an 18-year old in a 38-year old's body. I still look younger than a lot of 18-year olds anyway save for a lining of grey hairs on the sides.

and I ride your river under the bridge (*shine*)


The Knitting Songbird said...

I totally understand ya Ross. I don't feel or look like a 37 year old - at least, I think I don't! I do have my "old" days but on the whole, I try to keep as wide eyed as possible.

And if I could turn back the hands of time, I too would go to 1989. Uni was a wonderful, wonderful experience and is the only time, if I had the chance, would want to relive.

ross b said...

Yes..and the song captures that feel too I think, the graffiti & old train carriages...all gone!

1988...has a nice ring to it, as does 1989! ;)

veleska1970 said...

what a coincidence~~i started university in 1988 as well. what a wonderful time of my life that was.

i don't feel much older than 18, either. i'm with songbird~~i wish i could relive those years!!

ross b said...

Yep, 1988 - and 'Kokomo' - for me!! Lol!!


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