Monday, January 12, 2009

the r. book of australian beach stories

tripping and driving
on a sunday
cloudy, initially
but like the parting of the blue sea
we were welcomingly reigned by father sun
encouraging & delightful
swirling unfamiliar roads off the freeway
fitful blue sea spotted in straight sight
over lush green shrubbery
marked concrete soup basin for cars to park their watery mouths
we disignite
we lock and embark
grab the bottles and the bags
and the small hike to sea begins

white luscious sand
beaming sun
refracting through the senses
like atomic light
the giddyness of spray sea
the horizon of sand meets surf
gliding southward for an eternity's view
a rock island of nature love
in the near offshore distance
clean blue water
bluer than the urban blues
invigorating and life affirming
where even the salt tastes good
dazzled and spun by sand sea and chorus of sun
of salt'n'skin
of stupendous natural beauty
surrounding us with all its swirly white dimension
enveloped by each other
we find perfect joy
heaven on the beach
that's named like a bird
near a town
named after a bird

kisses are soft
and luscious
felt by every essence of being
the breeze the sand the sea the sun
inviting the dance of nature's sensual wave
with closed eyes we have opened to the greatest bliss
in these awesome natural surrounds
with eyes open we are brought back to the surreptitious intent
eyeballs heard though not always seen
of the magpies
you don't have to see the magpies
you easily feel their presence
they position themselves tactically
facing and standing away though slyly askance
or hiding behind rocks
desperate for some envisioned slow crack of lust
to fuel their lonely obsession
finally they whitewash their existence
whipped with the force of one relentless paw
to slope back home like the shaved starved lion of rome
and return some other day
be the repeat offender

how can heaven bee
so close to sid-a-nee
an hour's drive north
of the north end of the sit-ee
you land paradise
the perfect beach
the perfect day
the perfect company
our intent is pure
we love and revere
this place
and each other

long live january
long live summer



Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this, Ross.
Wow, hot!

Would love to read more. ;)


The Knitting Songbird said...

Long live summer, I'll say! Can't wait for a bit of warm weather. Had enough of sub zero temperatures. Enjoy the hot, balmy days as much as you can.

ZaraMeow said...

Ross you are a phenomenal poet.
It was a beautiful day and I will treasure it always. S. xxx.


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