Thursday, January 1, 2009

fireworks horns & 'crackers'

Town Hall, downtown, nye 08

I'm not usually a big celebrator of New Year's Eve at the best of times. I recall the last couple of years having gone to bed early and waking up on New Year's Day feeling refreshed and fabulous. This year, however, I partied with ZaraMeow and involved myself in the fireworks display from a close-up vantage point at the Darling Street pier at East Balmain. I'm not usually interested in fireworks or the ridiculous amount of public money expended to have them shooting all over the harbour skies for a few fleeting flashes of time. I remained slightly aloof, enjoying the ambience, yet caught up in the buzz of it all. I thought to myself that maybe moving up to Brisbane isn't such a good idea after all.

All shots were taken on my cellphone. It was an ingenious idea, that of parking my car in the area the night before nye and walking home from there. Our driveaway getaway, at about 2am, was quick and painless. We drove past many legless arm-in-arm drunken revellers swaying their way up Darling Street for what may have been to them a forever amount of time.

The Bondi Junction subway on route to Town Hall where I alight for the Balmain express.
Down in the tube station at 6pm.
East Balmain at twilight. The conditions were perfect, it had been a warm & sunny day with a lingering, cloudless sunset.Off they go, around 9:30pm.

The devillish horns of ZaraMeow

We trundled up to a party in Duke Street that a friend of mine had invited us to. As soon as we arrived everyone was leaving to see the midnight fireworks display, so it was downhill all the way for us again.

Lady Cool on the fence turning around and posing for the camera. After midnight we trundled back uphill to the party in Duke Street.
East Balmain as we walk towards the pier at around 8:30pm. Another day about to finish in anticipation of the new year about to commence. Life goes on here's hoping the sun keeps shining on all of us in 2009, and that the hard rain's a never gonna fall.
In life there are no guarantees. Gaia's fragile ecological interconnectedness, climate change, financial disaster, energy depletion and world food supply strain are pulling at each other so tightly in this day and age that a few of the old ropes that are holding these disparate giants together appear to be snapping faster and faster. What will be, will be.

It was nice to see the fireworks though.

Hippy New Year! xx


The Knitting Songbird said...
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The Knitting Songbird said...

Yeah, I think Gaia's gonna pull out her firecrackers quite soon...

A.M. said...

Great photos!!!! Some feel really ethereal. Nicely done.

Happy New Year indeed! Cheers.


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