Monday, January 5, 2009

eat me

view from the heads at Otford southfacing towards Wollongong

i'm back in clovelly minding my beautiful golden retriever holly. well, she's not mine really but when i'm in her possession she's all mine and i treat her like a dolly. i took her out tonight to the cliffs around clovelly and was dismayed because i didn't bring my cellphone camera along with me and the view was to die for, walking through the waverley cemetary with headstones and headstocks of varying elasticity of dates of entry and departure and beyond that the burning pink of a hazy summer's twilight night, where from north clovelly i can see all the way to the north bondi heads and as we walk south a few steps we see coogee and maroubra and the heads down to little bay at the southern tip of the eastern suburbs.

clovelly was buzzing with canines and their walkers and my big doggie got kinda scared and ran me off the promenade when a couple of maltese terriers stood their ground and barked authoritarianly at her. i kind of laughed as my dog was running hard and pulling me with the lead, partly for embarrassment because people were watching and laughing but primarily because i couldn't believe how some cutsie yet obstreperous barking mop can domineer a dog four times its size. it's said that dogs don't count for size, instead for attitude, the top-dog thing. but i love my doggie the way she is. she may appear intimidating because of her size but really she's a four-legged marshmallow. she's like me really except i've got two legs..and dark hair, holly's a starling blonde. she's right by me now, breathing in my ear expecting pats and belly strokes.

i'm enjoying the days that are long and sunny. there've been a few recently so i'm happy. like tonight, walking with the dog as the sun was setting with that striking pink-blue sky backdrop amidst the headlands and sea sent me on a buzz. yet i've been riding this buzzwave for some time now. i'm playing the basement this wednesday with zarameow and i'm tremendously excited and elated to get up on stage and play with zara at a proper gig such as that at the basement. i've never played the basement and i can't wait to finally do it though what i'm really looking forward to and reaching out for is to be on stage with zarameow in performing her smoky sensual songs and divining some real atmosphere, to manifest and exceed in that live on-stage moment the intimacy we've shared as musical collaborators and loving friends, and, to give a kickass performance. just to be on the stage with zarameow at the basement, will be fucking hot!

and it's $12 entry and we're on at 8:30pm on the dotto 7 jan. basement circular quay.

yesterday on a whim zara and i drove down and spent the sunny sunday at a secluded beach in that magical noh land where the very tip of north wollongong meets the southernmost end of the royal national park south of sydney. behind us were cliffs and trees and the sea was fresh and invigorating and just marvellous. the pebbles were smooth and rounded and exhuded such a natural and original variety of colours. it was all very freeing, to say the least. that north wollongong strip is very dear to both of us, for our own reasons, and it's an area we jointly love that makes us very happy and enriched to be there. that whole strip, from stanwell park to thirroul is the stretch that makes up north wollongong and it's a strip because a little inland from the sea there are almighty clifftops so it makes being at this place with all the heady sea and headlands and cliffs so impactful and powerful. of course, a little over 20 years ago, these 'shacks' were given away..virtually. now you need to be a multimillionaire to buy down there and many have mcmansioned. well if you can't buy you can visit, and visit often.

Stanwell Park, a morning morgantown moment was one of the best days i've ever had...

today, back at work writing reports. i had a chat with the boss about holiday leave during the year and knowing that i'm taking long service leave this year it occurred to me with clarity and definition that i'm taking this leave between mid-may and mid-july. my only other available option would be mid-august onward but i can't really wait for that long now. this will be my first big break since starting this job all the very way back on 8 january 1996 so i am excited to say the least. there's a sense of things spinning fast and i'm certainly up for the ride of it all..

long live january, long live summer

see you at d'basement!

;) r.


veleska1970 said...

what a funny story about holly. blue, our german shepherd, is the same way with little dogs. they terrify her!! just this afternoon when we took her out for her walk our neighbour's chihuahua barked at blue and she cowered down.

thanks for all the beautiful photos you've been posting lately. what a lovely place you live in!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ross! I guess I'd definitely die for the blue.

Thanks for the photoes and a very Happy new year to you!


ross b said...

I love dogs and the way they interact, as long as they're not being vicious!! It is very funny when tiny dogs can make a big dog cower!

I hope Blue's well and settling in nicely!

It is a good time of year here to explore. This weekend we drove north 2 hours to a very nice beach we'd never been to before. It's nice to explore one's own territory of which it's easy to take for granted. There's nice things everywhere, as long as there's trees, sunlight, that's what I love.

Then there's my friend the knitting songbird who posts blogs about stepping out of Croatia for the weekend to visit marvellous cafes and patisseries in Vienna and checking out the birthplace of Mozart...oh! ;)

Happy New Year to you all!
Kinds, Ross

A.M. said...

Leaves me pining for summer. Wish I could hear the hot performance at the basement, too! Bask it all in for me... and hope you have a night to match your best day, and then some.

:) AM


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