Tuesday, December 23, 2008

statue of r

here i sit
to write a blog
and the usual schtik just ain't cuttin' it for me right now
i could write about midnight sojourns to megamalls
for chrimble shopping (ho what fun)
i could get crabby about crappy weather
(moan moan whinge whinge)
i could pontificate about xmas down under
rituals and customs
beers booze and prawns
or harp on endlessly about how brilliant was the painkiller gig last night
(of which i hope to soon!)
that despite the usual cosmo-hindi associations
justified as they are
it was just great rock'n'roll

i find myself unmasked & vulnerable
naked like the statue of david
my hypersensitivity is revealed
the flagrant sadness
a lifetime of sustained grief and loneliness
the facade is unhinged
along with
a palpable masculinity
a nobility that shatters like the sun
a drive a force
a power that is mine own

i saw this coming
, or more to the point,
i heard it coming
those songs captivated me immediately
the singing
the style of playing
the chordal structures
the lyrics
the melodies
the whole she-bang actually
i wanted to dive in
i darted you with accolades
i carried your piano
i fanned around myspace and listened
read your blogs
those blogs
becoming curiouser & curiouser
and now as i envelope myself in these songs
the beauty is such
that they are fathomless
they are like a pitless well
i love them
yet cannot catch them
they dance in my solar-plexus
and latch on to my walk-a-day mind-pod
i feel
the pang or longing of sunday
the lonesome journey of amoeba
the ache of vampire
the playful humour of liver
the expression the emotion the mirth the moods
envelops me within
and finds a familiar place
absolute connection
without explanation reason or rhyme
and now...
i can't let go
and nor do i wish to

the photo above
is taken from my cellphone
kellys on king
one of my guitar-rustling shacks
king street newtown
sunday 21 dec


The Knitting Songbird said...

"Love is a friendship set to music."
E. Joseph Cossman

Enjoy the sweet, sometimes bitter-sweet, music dear friend,

ross b said...

i'm wrapping you up like chicken liver.......


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