Tuesday, December 30, 2008

east balmain to hyde park

On my way home this evening I drove over to East Balmain to park my car where I'll be leaving it for the next 24 hours or so. People who attempt to find a parking spot in East Balmain on nye will be dreaming. It's quite an ingenious thing to do really, park your car 24 hours prior to a major event so as to avoid all the chaos. It won't be so ingenious if the car gets broken into, but fingers crossed that doesn't happen!! ;)

I walked all the way from East Balmain to Hyde Park in central Sydney where I took the bus to Bondi Junction then walked the rest of the way home. I took some shots with my mobile phone during the walk, that took my from Darling Street, East Balmain, then across to Beattie Street and Mullens Street, Rozelle, onto Victoria Road and the Anzac Bridge. I climbed down to Pyrmont and cut across the walkover bridge over Darling Harbour & Cockle Bay Wharf, up through the city into Hyde Park. These photos actually display back to front, commencing with the last photo taken displaying first (below)...(it has to do with the way the photos upload etc). I'm pleased with the photos, they turned out well despite the low pixilation.

The photo above is taken from the entry into Pyrmont and looks westward at the sunset over Anzac Bridge.

Below is a photo of the square lake at Hyde Park that leads onto the lit walkway. A famous Australian band had photos taken at this very spot all the way back in 1980.

There's an opening below (currently undergoing repair) where that same band posed for photos c.1980.
The lit walkway in Hyde Park.
Centrepoint tower.
Fountain / cathedral shots.

State Theatre in Market Street.
Darling Harbour with Novotel in the background.
Western end of the city.


Anzac Bridge shots.

Photo taken from Rozelle.

Mullens Street Rozelle.
A house in East Balmain. Sandstone houses remain common in this area.
East Balmain.


A.M. said...

Wow! I love these cell phone shots! The downtown Sidney ones, at night, are particularly lovely.

I'm curious though, exactly how many miles of walking did you do this eve?

ross b said...

I'd say that was a six-km walk from
East Balmain to Hyde Park.

Happy New Year A.M.!! Let's hope it's a good year for all of us.

Kind regards, Ross

veleska1970 said...

thanks you for the photo tour of your fair city. i've always wanted to visit sydney and one of these days i will. when i make it down there i'll have to look you up. :)

happy new year to you, too. yes, it needs to be a good year. 08 was NOT a good year. :(

ross b said...

If you make it down here Veleska, and Anne-Marie, I'll definitely be taking time out to show you around! There's so much to see and even I've only scratched the surface.


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