Friday, December 26, 2008

cloudy chrimbo eve

Christmas Eve. 24 December 2008. I get into work at 11am. I spray a few shots of cleaning fluid onto the desktops & computers, wipe them down all shiny, check myspace and face(book), call out for last drinks, and I'm outta the door by 3pm to hit the desperately overcrowded shopping centre to purchase some last drinks and other little bits of things, plus a few veges to keep me going for a few days.

I swept out from my front work doors onto Anzac Parade Kensington to be hit with a cool, cloudy & drizzly day. I gaze at the glamourous glassfront as I'm striding fast towards my car, thinking that's year 13 in the can at my place of employment there at drama school. By the time I come back to work on January (the 5th, *groan*) I'd have entered my 14th year at the job. At the time I commenced employment at drama school, on 8 January 1996, Paul Keating was still the prime minister of Australia, Princess Diana was alive, as was Michael Hutchence. I was overweight and a bit loopy. Now I'm merely thin and wired. I often wonder when the "due date" will arrive, it continues to elude me as I kind-of happily go to work everyday at this, um, quite fine place. The people, the students, are generally fantastic and I love them. This is, perhaps, that which keeps me going. That and the fact that it quietens down around Christmas/New Year time which is something I like. And I get to watch theatre for free, what could be better than free theatre?


It didn't feel like Christmas eve. I was in an irascible mood to say the least. Usually as we lead into Christmas I feel that rush and adulation of knowing that drama school is closed for the year and I can swim on the free zone from Christmas to New Year. But this plethora of crap weather since November, meaning, 2 days good and 3 days awful, has really gotten under my skin. I really shouldn't be complaining about the weather. I don't have to concern myself (yet) with tropical cyclones of a devastating nature, nor shovelling snow for three hours each morning. However, it's kind of like when summer's here, I want summer to be here. Why is it that September had much nicer and warmer days than November or December? I really considered the option of moving to Brisbane. At least in Brisbane, as soon as October hits, it's summer and remains warm and hot - guaranteed - up to the beginning of May. I could handle the laid-back sub-tropical vibe & climate of Brisbane. It's close to Byron Bay and the Sunshine Coast, it has its own particular charm and character.

Making the break from Sydney is hard. Kathrin, my cohort at work, described Sydney as a "black sucks you in".

Maybe one day, if I come into any money and have to consider a decision about a property purchase, I'll consider moving closer to the sun, or at least a place where summer is guaranteed hot weather! Besides I wasn't in the mood for Christmas this year. I'm usually detached from it all but this year moreso. I've hit a sensual-musical plane that I wish to explore further. Simply I wish to get on with my projects. Going back to work will be a pain in the ass. But I'll be looking after a doggie that week. That'll be fun.

pip pip toot toot!

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