Friday, December 26, 2008

canterbury christmas 2008

Christmas Day 2008. A cloudy start to a day that thankfully brightened up. I drove my mum & nephew down to an apartment in Canterbury where my brother's staying. The apartment is fairly new and is situated at the shore of the Cooks River.

View from a bridge:

It was a fairly nondescript day. I would have much preferred stay home and read a book, or to take a lovely stroll by a beach or a forest; nonetheless it was good to hang out with my brother and nephews. There were other people there. I didn't talk to them much. I gave out lots of presents and received a beach towel in return, but it is a very nice beach towel.. I invariably prefer Boxing Day, today, to Christmas Day. My method of unwinding was to take late night photos using my i-mac, posing with my top-hat & ukulele. I think I'm kind of getting addicted to my i-mac, and with it, myspace and (god forbid), ..facebook.

My nephews Alex & Raffi. They're cousins.Playing cricket with the dog fielding. I used to a cricket-obsessed in my early-teens but now I abhor the sport, principally because of the commentators on TV. It's the same crew who drone on about the same thing year after year, decade after decade, as if the sport is its own cocoon, it's own heaven, and that the more important issues facing humanity don't seem to impinge on those who partake in this arena they call cricket.

Nonetheless it is good to get out there and have a hit. I was a talented cricketer but didn't follow through with the sport because I couldn't stand fielding, and I don't really enjoy team sports. I could never handle hanging out with a bunch of guys in sports mode for any length of time.
I love dogs!

A pelican atop a piece of rock in the Cooks River. Low tide.
My favourite pastime (below)! Merry xxmas. *gulp !*

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