Friday, December 26, 2008

boxing day at the cemetary

I've had a nice day today. Much more pleasant than Christmas day. I've been hanging out with my mum and nephew Alex. Alex is in need of rest and tlc and I'm enjoying caring for him which I'll do until Sunday, perhaps Saturday. We went off to Centennial Park today, and then drove down to Botany Cemetary, or more officially, the Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park, to visit my father.

Here is a black swan in Centennial Park. Summer has finally arrived with a warm & sunny day, and a choir of ciccadas & crickets chirping incessantly in the midday sun.

Here's a view of the vault cemetary at Botany. Mostly Italians are kept here. I knew a few other people at the vaults aside from my father.
The long and winding road...
The tower at the crematorium.
Dad's plaque.

He was a stunner, a strong man who prided himself on his bullish toughness. He would have been about 41-42 around the time this photo was taken.
Cigarettes & beer, plus all the effort the man expended into keeping in place a volcanic bedrock of emotional pain, wore my dad down by his 63rd year. The man did his best in life under some very difficult and horrid circumstances, and for that I am kindly most grateful. God bless.

It was warm and sunny and with few people at the crematorium, the vibe could be best described as sunnily incandescent. The last time I visited dad was Boxing Day 2007, again I took my mother. It tends to be the only chance I get to go. There's a happy, free feeling there, particularly on a sunny day. It probably helps that it's so close to the sea, to La Perouse at the northern entrance of Botany Bay.
I drove us to a nearby lookout afterward and took some shots. There were beaches and they were packed with people. I think they had the right idea.

Me and mum.
Alex and mum.

A view over La Perouse head from our lookout point.

And that's it., for the real world to come back!


veleska1970 said...

nice photo layout. i'm sorry about your dad. i didn't know you had lost him. did i read the date right? 1992? you were young when he died. he was a handsome man.

ross b said...

1992 was the year, that's 16 years ago and it feels like yesterday.. i was 22 and a bit too young to deal with it properly. We weren't close, which is sad to say.

I kind of wondered if i was doing the right thing by posting up photos of his vault & inscription but i feel it's the right thing to do and am happy to have posted these photos. I kind of feel that it's part of the healing process.

he was a handsome man, he did wear himself down with hard living though. he did his best, and enjoyed himself, that's the main thing..

that, and that fact that i loved him, and he loved me.


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