Monday, October 13, 2008


I've spent the past week minding Holly, the golden retriever! It's been great fun. It's the second time I've had the pleasure of looking after Holly, this time around I really didn't want to let go. I miss her so, a loving, magnificent dog is she.

I took her for long walks around the hilly streets of Clovelly morning and night. I maintained her on a lead. I cleaned up after her baggage at every dropping, disposing of the bagful of dogpound at each nearest public receptacle. It was so good to be with her. She's so loving and loyal, so friendly and gentle, yet so playful and energetic, naughty even. She totally loved being patted and stroked around the ears neck and belly. She enjoyed her food, her bones, and her water. And just being with me.

I greatly admired Holly's intelligence. She is highly intelligent where she needs to be. She doesn't need to care about stock markets or driving or jobbing or moneying or peopleing or boozing, demands deadlines or obligations, the existential realities of timely living. We had the paper delivered at the house I was staying at you see. Holly doesn't care about all those graphs on the headlines all last week that looked like ski slopes comin' down steep 'n' fast. Neither did I as I attempted to assume the mantle of innocence and pretended I was staring blankly at mountain maps on the descent side of things, very steep and sharp mind you.

I can't help but be drawn to what's going on in this sirius playpen of our daily world. After all I've placed money into the Global Generation Sustainability Fund when the fund became open to Australian investors. I put money into this particular fund because I was drawn to the fund's ethics and mainly because I like those words...Generation Global Sustainability. I haven't checked the dice but I'm sure it's tankers. Am I gonna panic like everyone else, or show dismay?? Nah. Just let it sit. If it rises again that's good. If it doesn't the likelihood is that global finance as a whole will be stuck in an awful place. It is now actually although heads of government are making appearances & taking steps to shave (save?) it although much of the action is seemingly of dubious intent. Why do the bailout crooks remain criminally rich?? When you're continually pouring money into banks & institutions in the hope of thawing out the fiscally frozen then the potential to cook up a mightily engulfing firestorm of inflation is horrifically rife.

Saw a good play tonight at my work digs, more on this another day, but tonight's drama was Brad Fraser's 'Unidentified Human Remains & the True Nature of Love'. A modern, ultra-urbane (set in Toronto or New York) piece dealing with sexual obsession and amorality, unhappiness and loneliness. Best of all is that it's a very good piece of theatre, a very well-written play, reflected of course in its outstanding success from the time of its first major production/performance some 18 or so years ago.

The dog has symbolised a straightforward element of truth to me this past week. A truthfulness demonstrated by freedom from unhappinesses, being in the now, in the body, being simple and in tune with life and earth, grassy pavement pooping etal. And by reading the daily papers one realises how far all of us westerners have driven ourselves away from this, our essential beingness. If we are to drive ourselves off the cliff in a matter of decades, years, even months, this way of life will be enforced and reinforced in us again, albeit amongst bric-a-brac, rubble, smouldering structures and the strange residual air of the dense, heady living that has been before us, once revered, now cindered and ruined, to be finally forgotten once and for all.

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The Knitting Songbird said...

Oh Ross, she is so beautiful! Wouldn't mind taking care of her myself and putting my hands through that lovely long hair of hers.

Yes, animals have a different agenda - they're more in tune with nature, more in tune with their instincts. Something us two-legged folk have forgotten. Pity...

How lovely it would be to just listen to what your gut is saying and forget about the rest, to be able to sense the changing shifts in the weather, to be able to hear the highest pitches and smell kilometres away, to be able to feel what another is feeling with nothing but what your instinct is telling you...


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