Sunday, October 5, 2008

dog day afternoons

I moved into another housesit today. This is a one-week housesit within the current housesit I already have. It's a long weekend and I need it, I need the Monday to settle into some kind of whole from today's scattiness & disparateness. I feel the weekend's barely begun, feeling like I'm living in 3 places at once with boxes and guitars and foodstuffs, herbstuffs and (god forbid), plastic bags flying about everywhere and lord knows where they come from. I will need those though. I'm minding a dog.

A Golden Retriever to be precise. Holly. 3 years. She's beautiful and I look forward to taking a few snaps of her. She's sitting outside on the patio now, separated from me by sliding glass doors. Soon I will slide these doors apart and let her jump on me for a while. It makes her happy, and me too.

I've looked after Holly before, July 2007. I'm in Clovelly, a suburb I blogged a couple of months ago for a seaside sydney walk tour. I'm not far from the 'bay' that is called a beach, about 3 blocks in from Clovelly park that morphs into the sweet bay of the beach. I took Holly for a walk this afternoon. This suburb is gorgeous, a paradise. I particularly enjoyed gazing at the houses that sit sleepily and comfortably in this hilly beachside suburb. And up to about the late 70's it was primarily a 'working-class' suburb. Whatever may be, Clovelly is a quiet, villagey suburban beachside paradise, set on a valley overlooked from the north by Waverley Cemetery. I look forward to early rises and long walks with the dog around the suburb and beach. One morning I'll walk Holly to Coogee Beach and back via Clovelly Beach.

The weather promises to be cool, moderate and sunny next week. The past week has been a disaster. Warm weather reaching its climacteric with ghastly vindaloo heat on Friday (where the aircon failed in the Library, ugh!), mild, cloudy and muggy Saturday & Sunday. I'm looking forward to healthy cool nights, clear days and the low humidity that has been forecast for the coming week. The weather has been a real zigzag of extremities recently, just like the stockmarket.

A couple of weeks ago there was a palaver of sorts on the main man's blog (sk) over dog poop. SK voiced his objection to the brown stuff littered in patches and blobs throughout the streets of Bondi. Some people got their feet burnt on that issue. I'm reminded of all this with my current dogsit. My conscience remains clear, I always scoop the poop!! Really, people who don't scoop after their pup's poop are obviously selfish and inconsiderate, like rude drivers who pull up in front of you without indicating. Truth is, it's much easier to scoop up dog-crap than it is to change the bird-paper. Changing the paper in a bird cage is a grizzly process. You have to be delicate so as to placate the frightened bird that doesn't understand the intrusion in its cage. It's not like you can just grab it an' bag it. The paper remains under your nose during the operation and really, it is very unpleasant...!

I'm on fast broadband here. Only thing is, it's a wireless connection. I'm feeling a bit wired and this the electro-microwave radiation emanating and concentrating itself at my computer?? Not sure...hmmm.

I considered the not-too-distinct possibility of purchasing a lottery ticket during the week. I reckon Clovelly is the ace spot for a slap-me-down immediate big-cash house purchase. Heck, if I can't afford to live here, I can always visit, or mind the dogs!


The Knitting Songbird said...

Ah, dogs, love 'em to bits, all animals really. But I have to say that I have a particular soft spot for dogs, butterflies and horses.

My very dear friend died a month and a half ago. She'd been with us for 13 great years. She had a stomach tumour a couple of years ago which got operated but unfortunately, it got her in the end...miss her terribly...every time we finish lunch, I still call out "Berta (that was her name), come and grab some bones!"

It's actually the first time in my life that I've been without a dog. Think I'm gonna have to go to the Croatian RSPCA and pick me one up soon...

Have fun with Holly,

The Knitting Songbird said...

PS you're right about all the crap. But the worst thing to clean (to me anyway) is a rabbit's cage...the bird's a piece of cake compared to that!

ross b said...

It's good but I feel disorientated, like I'm living in 3 places at once, which I sort of am.

It's a good thing, I feel open, placeless and boundariless, the new breezes through the dimensional doors as the continuum, soon be witnessed and made into time and space as the physical door.

At this moment my big cream-coloured doggie is lying outside across the sliding door, sheepishly awaiting my attention and love, a meek guard to the power attempting to burst through the glass right.this.very.moment.o.

Polydora said...

my goodness, a palaver over dog shit? It's really just a metaphor for the the world's ills maybe?

Clovelly... is that the beach area you posted pics of a while back that I commented on?


Hope your nights are the perfect kind of cool you dream of this week, personally and with regards to the weather.



ross b said...

yeah, there was a bit of argy bargy going there on in sk's blog, one regular commenter 'left'..I didn't really think it was worth the fuss....over dog poop, really!

It is nice here, albeit very temporary, but that's ok ;) My golden dog is gorgeous!! But haven't visited the beach yet, I hope to soon.

Hope all's well where you are, kinds, Ross


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