Friday, September 19, 2008

tales of a sweet dreamer

‘sweet dreams’, ‘tis often said
and this morning I awoke to a particularly sweet dream
…dreams are funny as to who makes their appearance in them
random people from the past
cast to play a leading role
where in the conscious waking mind they are merely a backdrop
to today’s play
and often always were

i was with a friend
she was telling me she liked me
so i kissed her
on the lips
and neck
i felt conscious that i hadn’t showered that morning
so i wanted to leave it at that
she silently understood
and we were both happy in the knowledge
that somethin’ was starting
*switch* scene 2
she was telling someone
(i couldn’t tell who it was)
what she thought of me all those years ago
and how she’s come to like/love me now

i awoke with a *ping* this morning
not knowing which day it was
streams of happy sunlight burst through my window
savouring the taste of my sweet dream
my co-star is someone who finished at drama school
11 years ago
she’s since moved into the singer-songwriter field
and we’re connected on myspace
why did she make an appearance in my dream??

i barely knew her back then
i feel now that i like her
i’ll go to one of her gigs
for me the dreamer
the sometime realiser of dreams
i was charged with the delicacies of love
and sensuous touch
i long again to kiss the lips
of a lovely, beautiful woman
softly kiss around the neck as in my dream
the dream is a good omen
and a good sign
thank you, land of dreams
i have awoken this morning
with the fragrance of love
beaming gently around me
in sunny, happy rays

I read in today’s newspapers
headlines of falling stock markets
local authorities were telling investors
to not pannyck
the stockmarket performs like the weather here really
spring is a seasonal rollercoaster
a-cuppla nice days
getting hot for another
then the southerly buster
bringing miserly murky yucky weather
until it clears up again
and the stockmarket is behaving wildly erratically
why do people panic??
what was it that Dylan sang in ‘Blonde on Blonde’ album
‘..everybody must give something back for something they get…”
it’s human nature to throw money into the market
expecting double-digit returns into infinity
but sometimes things come-a crashin’
last november i banked the bulk of my savings
into a new (locally) managed fund
Global Generation Sustainability
Generation were launched in 2004

in London & Washington
they focus on long-term sustainable investing
and although their shares haven’t zeppelined like banking or mortgage sector stocks
they’re nonetheless dragged by their heels into the muddy quicksands of yearly capital losses

like the remainder of international public companies
i remain remarkably ambivalent
almost happy, even
it's as if i don’t care
it’s only money
the likelihood is these kind-a stocks will be the boomers of the next generation
mostly I realise that what goes up must come down
it applies to pretty much everything
it’s the law of equilibrium, balance, karma
having money in the safety net of a bank account or term deposit
is no guarantee of safety if the entire international banking system collapses onto itself
time will tell what transpires with all of this stuff
it’s just that
time seems to be hastening fast…

money is only money
it’s as ephemeral as paper flying in the wind
which is what it is actually
if we have enough to feed clothe shelter ourselves and our loved ones
and we have a little more to spare

or a lot more to spare
we are doing very well

Love is eternal
Love is the drive that keeps us inspired
happy and fulfilled
money can never buy Love
and never has yet
Love is why we are here
to learn to love
to learn to give of our being
to learn
and today I am as inspired by love
sweet dreams
Fri-day’s warmth and copious sunshine
the hustle & bustle of students on campus
painkiller on my stereo
flowers in bloom
my cool students
as I remain untouched by international moneymatters
there is no comparison
Love remains the eternal winner

when we cast off our bodies
the money stays behind
our love... that unites us all...
...we take with us to the next gig

the newagers were/are correct...
Love is All


The Knitting Songbird said...

Aaaah, I loooove those kind of dreams, the dreams that put a smile on your face and a skip in your step...haven't had one in donkey's years I have to say :O

And yeah, all you need is love, man. My mum always tells me that, in the end, money doesn't matter, when we're gone it gets left behind anyway. What we did in this world is what ultimately matters.

Take care,

ross b said...

John Lennon wrote 'All you need is love'. We are love, yet we're also conditioned with fear and worry and all the rest of that claptrap.

Life can get strange when spring equinox hits, the vibe around me is a bit tightening.

Gotta get more solid and be more true, truer than true.

Kind regards, Ross.

Polydora said...

if only love paid my bills, I'd be in heaven!!! sigh.

Lovely dream! I love it when I wake up with a ping like that!

Hope the dream beings bring you more.

ping... ping... :)

ross b said...

here's hoping!!


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