Monday, September 1, 2008

southern spring

"I walk through this Southern Spring
I glide through the streets of my hometown
seems strange to know my way around
not always be checking maps and fares & bus timetables..."
- Penelope Swales from her song 'Southern Spring' off her album Returning on Foot (1995)

Today is, officially, the first day of our Southern Spring. This however doesn't say a great deal about the exactitude of our regimented Westernised 4-to-the-pie seasonal differentiations. You see, the indigenous peoples of the Sydney localities counted six seasons per year, and six seasons is about right in accurately determining the climactic patterns of the Sydney region. Along with obvious changes of weather patterns such as humidity, temperature, wind direction, stability & pressure systems, the aboriginies used natural indicators to predict changes in weather. From bearded dragons sitting with head pointing to sky and currawongs flying overhead to predict rain, to observing queen-wattle blooming heavily and bush ants abandoning nests for mounds of dirt predicting bushfires, the indigenous peoples really had a more natural, effective system of gauging seasonal variations, far more in tune with the earth and her systems when compared to our lumbering, high-tech scientific gadgetary and posturings.

Two of the six Aboriginal seasons would have easily fitted into our Spring, for Spring is the longest season in Sydney. Usually Spring stretches from late-August to around Christmas-time. This year however I've noticed that August has been noticably colder; June & July are usually the coldest months of the year though with this year in particular there has been much chill wind and chill morn throughout the month of August. I have read some two or three years ago that there is a trend in worldwide weather patterns whereby autumns are warming whilst springs are cooling, meaning in short that the latency periods of warming & cooling etc from the time of solstices (21 Dec & 21 June) are widening.

Early Spring is nice, like today, 1st September, I've noticed the light to be that bit more dazzling, lasting longer into the afternoon with a promising shade of warmth in the air. The smells in tree/shrub-lying areas were noticeably invigorating, the perfumed air of flowers & petals in bloom. September is good for that, the buzz of warmth & fresh bloom and flowers. The extra bit of warmth, sans cold changes of course, is most welcome for a city that rarely utilises central heating in its abodes for the winter months.

October is very patchy - I'll say more about that next month. November leads to December and by Christmas it's the height of summer, and the week-long party stretching all the way to New Years Day.

All very laid-back and's good having the end of year build-up to the height of summer, makes you feel like you've accomplished something, even if you haven't!!! There's always the beach, or beer, or sunshine, to make you feel good about the year gone by.

90% of the Earth's population live in the northern hemisphere, and the majority of this population live in non-tropical areas so now they will be experiencing fall going into winter. On a more serious note it's worth observing events in the fall, particularly in USA where things tend to 'happen' more in the 2nd half of the year. I'm interested to see how things transpire with the banking sector, the stockmarket, the price of crude oil, and most of all, the presidential election. I've read about so many possibilities that it's hard to gauge the truth of validity of any of it except to say if there's going to be any "landing", let's just hope it's a soft one. What happens in the States that is of worldwide significance directly affects Australia too.

Yet we are moving into interesting times, perhaps more interesting than what's gone before. What I mean by "interesting" is anybody's guess, including mine. The presidential election of 2008 perhaps is symbolic of that? One thing's for sure, I would NEVER be voting for some mooseburger-munching right-winger at the clean angle of 90degrees (as right-wing as you can get!) On the surface I back B.Obama but we really don't know the machinations of the W. House, the mightily covert powers that run and back the entire machination of sovereign government of the USA.

But, I imagine it is safe here, in the growing, and glowing, warmth of this southern spring.


The Knitting Songbird said...

Oh man, southern springs...I haven't experienced one in a loooong that I remember quite well was at uni (probably my last spring in Oz!) - us in the demountables, sweating like hell and the fans blowing away but not doing much help at all. Man, that was almost 20 years ago, 20 YEARS! Can't believe it...I REALLY haven't seen a southern spring in a long time...

ross b said...

Coldest August in 64 years apparently, I discovered today. I thought as much, it felt kinda chilly!

It's 1am now, off to bed!

Lian said...

Thanks Ross, for the perfumed air of flowers & petals in bloom.

Life and nature are just such amazing things.

ross b said...

Life and nature is astounding! It's the one thing in life that makes me truly happy (and love, of course!)

Lian said...

thanks, Ross. I concur with it. Without love, what life will be like?

I’ve been busy actually and couldn’t get enough time to come here as usual these couple of days. You must have been busy too, today, I’m just guessing.
It is very nice that you can nourish and enrich your life with music. You are blessed by the talent you have, Ross. I envy you.
Speaking of music… I just can’t help but thinking of my painkiller… hope it will turn up soon. I so regret I didn’t order it as soon as I can. … And Steve didn’t write even today, I wish he could be somehow compassionate, and keep writing.
I do really have learned something good from ttb. (except I sometimes will suddenly think of the word f***. I didn’t have the habit before.) I’ve found some of his thoughts are very similar to the Chinese ancient philosopher Zhuangzi (Chuang Tzŭ), their mind are just as free as breeze. For example, he said, “Flow with whatever is happening and let your mind be free. Stay centered by accepting whatever you are doing. This is the ultimate.” Aint it what Steve was always saying?
Some people claimed that Zhuangzi’s philosophy is mostly skeptical, but recently after reading a book about him, I just find it is actually opposite. His attitude towards life is too much positive, and his just such an overwhelming amazing human being. His anti-rationalism, his complete free mind – he walked along with the spirit of the sky and the ground. His thought on butterfly as companion… , doing things as he pleased.

… I’m going to read more about him. Oh right, another thing I’ve learned from TTB, is that I’ve learned how to deal with some people’s unkindness. Some I should really punched them right on their eyes, some I should ignore. And to some, with true compassion and patience, especially, when they are your friends, and whom you really care.

Have a good night, Ross.

Lian said...

and he's just... sorry, my poor English.

Lian said...

overwhelming amazing. Dont laugh. please kindly tell me if there are more wrong using. Thanks.

Lian said...

add something else here:

and to someone, the only one, with deep, deep love - the only way that God in your heart guides you to go.

questionsaboutfaith said...

Very good blog Ross. Keep on writing. You have great things to share. Glad you are backing Obama. Just saw him Monday at a rally in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

ross b said...

Thank you for your comments. Lian you're right, life gets busy with work etc so I don't get to come on the blog as much as I'd like to.

It is very nice that you can nourish and enrich your life with music. - Lian you're absolutely right, 'enrich' and 'nourish' are the perfect words, in that sense, that's true I am lucky and blessed as music has given me so much joy and confidence as well - but it's not the ultimate, life is total and there has been many downs with the ups, but it's all brought me to this point, which is good.

You've got great ideas on things, I like what you say about Zhuangzi, it's funny how his words which seem so relevant today, were as relevant 2000 years ago when there was minimal pollution & deforestation, and the earth's population was at a comfortable level! You're right too in that Steve offers that similar advice, he talks about 'grok'ing! to 'grok' at something. ..but i like to live that way too which is why I love nature so much.

And yes the ttb is definitely a self-learning curve, in my experience, I love the fact that blogging can bring people together from all over our one planet and you can make good friends out of it!:) There are one or two people on the blog (aussies, and not from melbourne either) who've made my skin crawl but I find I just have to take the positive view and think that if we were to meet up there's a greater-than 50% chance we'd get on well.

the ttb is a great adventure! I just hope Steve and his daughter are well.

questionsaboutfaith - thanks for your comment (I don't know your name, sorry!) I deeply appreciate your commendations as it is encouraging. I'll say the same for you, you're a passionate & positive person and great communicator and I've taken to your blog with interest...when there's time! I notice you did a piece on survival acres, I plan to do one too sometime. I plan to leave a comment on yours too, basically I agree with you, ultimately, it's the positives in life that count for everything and getting hung up on all the doom stuff isn't going to do anything for the soul.

And Obama?? The only obvious choice!! I hope the rally went well and that he had good things and ideas to share. I'm fascinated to see how events transpire over the next few months, I'll be keeping a close eye.

Have a good night all, Ross

Lian said...

Ross, I wanted to tell you: Your mum has a really beautiful face, which immediately evoked some deep warm feeling inside me a few days back when you first uploaded your family's photoes.

And I appreciate it how you care about your mum's health, truly.

Sincerely hope she can be back home as soon as possible.

ross b said...

Lian ~ thank you very much, yes she's a real sweetie, a real angel, very kind, very cute!

She's recovering and will be ok, thanks again,


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