Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Russell Neal sings the L-word

Hiya! I'm not particularly in the mood to be writin' much at the moment, or more to the point, thinkin' about writin'. So here's a new hobby, videoing on my fujifilm camera and uploading the videos onto youtube!! I do this from work (a/hours!) as the connection there is super-fast. I'm currently investigating broadband options for home connection, I hope to move onto BB by Christmas.

This vid was shot last night at the Cat'n'Fiddle Hotel in Darling Street Balmain. It features singer/songwriter Russell Neal singing an engaging, singalong comic ditty called "The L-Word". I asked Russell to video me so in return I videoed him. I uploaded this video onto U-tube today. Russell was pleased. Russell's a good guy, he's very pro-active and organises a lot of nights. He's a quite good musician too, plays mandolin & dobro & slide guitar. And it's good to have this song captured on video.

I find the best way to network is to be pro-active, and to help out with things. This comes naturally to me anyway, I love to review, help & organise gigs, set up the p/a, take photos, and now, shoot mini-vids for people; in short, helping people. I enjoy it, makes me feel good, fulfilled. I'm great at promoting other people, hopeless at promoting myself. Yet I never wanted much, never enjoyed being the centre of attention. These days I just want to gig, perform, play lots of music, and different styles of it too. Life cooks for me when I'm out there soiree-ing.

But I need to rest. I'm very tired tonight. I do have a day-job that actually I quite enjoy, for the most part. But I don't want to burn myself out with too much night-life. Tonight I'll lay my head down to sleep at a relatively early hour.

Wishing you well, wherever you are.

Much "L", from me! ;)


Lian said...

Oh how enjoyable, Ross.

Lian said...

+ some beer. Yep, it's a must!

Polydora said...

them be a good number of words for someone too tired to write at the moment! :P

sending all my best...

ross b said...

a song, a beer.. life's alright!

i'm an online ranter by nature! So when i say I'm too tired to write that usually means an essay :) lol!

Have a great day, we've had a sudden hot burst of weather, dry and mid-thirties (close to 100F).


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