Friday, September 19, 2008

equatorial shield-swording

spring equinox carries with it
its own tight set of demands
the sun is now crossing the hemispheric border
on its daily jog around the earth
staring me straight in the face
and slappin' me around with her karmic fingerpointin'
as the pollens & pressure
intensify in the southern air we breathe
i feel more that bit more jarred
reactive to vibes
and situations
that remain a continual circus around me
friends and fiends and acquaintances and strangers
well & unwell, annoyed & pleased
my own house-mind paranoia
attracting smashed fences as a result
a disconcerting work situation today
of what is usually a happy little saturday-shift
got me realising
Life ain't gonna prop me up artificially
or hand me no falsifying toothpaste confidence
my karmah is tight
i know the answer
be in my body
be my own power
be vigilant
yet be easy
be true
in following this
i won't feel so much like a ping-pong ball
during a landlocked frenzied game
i used to feel this way a lot
not good enough
i'm thirty-eight
i sense the majesty of nobility within this body
there it is!
be it
sensate it
love it
feel that sword slice through the shit that's flyin' off the fan
with the sheild that comes naturally
protecting me with effortless grace
from reactions of others
who in truth were motivated
by my sluggishness and lack of straightness
my sometime kooky feeling of aloneness & disconnectedness
wake up Rosscoe!!
be up'n'true
just that...
this september headiness
makes me just wanna be on another galaxy
yet earthly circumstances await me
await my authority and my poised decision-making
and the sun ain't be stoppin' at the equator...


Polydora said...

bloody brilliant post, R. You definitely got it! Keep on, keep on... and soon you'll be flying while simultaneously centered and grounded.

the wind, the sun, the spring rush... gonna lift you high.


ross b said...

wow, thank you am! :) I must confess I was in a jaded mood when I wrote this and the irony of course is that the happenstance that caused me to worry turned out salutary! My biggest fault is I can be too hard on myself and am my own worst critic.

Your encouragement means a lot to me, thanks again a.m,

Have a terrific day ahead!
Regards, Ross


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