Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sunday in the Park with Raffy

My nephew Raffi, just turned 11 with the sun in Leo.
Raffi contemplating the usefulness of his presents, my ukulele perhaps!

My theatrical big bro
Mum cultivating the mod look at almost 75 years of age, nice smile mum!

A local pigeon!
Raffy with uncle ross b
Raffy, dad, & Lisa

Maureen, Lisa's mum & Raffi's maternal grandmother, writer & novelist.
A girl named Hannah, Raffi's cousinMum with baby
Raffi holding the ball and not running with it..
My sister in Tasmania, I miss you E!!


Polydora said...

Wow, looks like you've been a bloggin' demon! I 'gots' some catching up to do.

"Raffi holding the ball and not running with it"

That would, figuratively speaking, describe my 14-year-old son. lol.

Nice photos. Thanks for sharing them with us.

veleska1970 said...

what a wonderful family!! thanks for opening up the family album and sharing the pix. your nephew's a cutie~~i forsee the future of him constantly having to carry a big club to beat off the girls. ;)

ross b said...

ah..being a bloggin' demon comes at a price...I really need to get some sleep!! lol

I think boys start runnin' with that ball by the time they hit their mid-to-late-teens. it certainly took me awhile to get some kind of...momentum happening...

Veleska re: Raffi's future I totally agree! In that respect, Raffi takes after his dad, ..much less of his uncle I dare admit to say! ;-0

Polydora said...

Ross, as far batting girls away like Raffi will someday in his future:

Maybe you just weren't one to notice. I'm sure they were coming at you like flies to honey, honey!


ross b said...

ha ha!! in truth Anne-Marie, you're probably right! ;-) lol


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