Saturday, August 2, 2008

Saturday Nacht Schtick

This is my first trip to the blog after a few days respite. I wasn't really up to it unfortunately, I had a head cold that hit me from every angle. By Tuesday night I thought it was licked. Not so, Wednesday morning I had a terrible headache and my neck and shoulders were horribly stiff. This seemed to dissipate by Thursday but I still woke up feeling like a sorry sack of shit so couldn't do much. By Friday I felt worse again with a headache centering itself just behind my right eye. Went out last night to a comedy club, for a laugh of course, I think it helped my cause but I had to rush off home unfortunately to hit the sack and sleep off this sickness. My friends remained to have drinks with one of the funnymen. I awoke this morning feeling better. Tomorrow, Sunday, I'm sure I'll feel better still. And, wonder of wonders, as sure as hell I'll bet anyone a million bucks that by Monday morning, when I have to return to work, I'll wake up feeling like a million bucks! That's the way of things isn't it, Murphy's law. *sigh*

I realise being away from my work computer how dreadfully slow my dialup connection is. I'm the only person I know who still uses dialup, no actually, a friend of mine still has dialup though he's quite well-off and personally I don't know why he doensn't upgrade to broadband. I'm realising that for blogging and myspace I need fast connection, particularly for uploading photos & sound files, and to organise them into groovy pockets like photobucket & slideshows etc. Usually I stay back after work and do a lot of that stuff there. Even so it's nice to do this stuff in the privacy of one's own home. There are many photos I want to put up but alas, at home, I'll be here all night uploading photos that sometimes fail to upload anyway. isn't a friend to dialup. Half the time operations abort. Signins fail. And today I notice I can't get into Steve Kilbey's blog as for some unknow reason a big red cross repeatedly comes onto the screen each time I attempt to access his site with a microsoft message telling me I can't upload this site - Operation Aborted. Crumbs!

I've been on the blog now for a few months now, with my own site at least, and I must confess this is growing on me. I love blogging and reading other peoples blogs...I derive immense satisfaction in communicating with people. Blogs are fascinating too, they convey realness and humanness, even the little stories and blurbs, far moreso than the usual right-wing guns-for-hire columnists that infest the daily newspapers. I walk around dreaming up ideas for blogs. I want to blog till I drop. Time is the factor that will temper this enthusiasm. I'm also inspired to read more, see more, and create more. My entry to the blog world parallels a new season, hopefully, a personal renaissance of sorts. Having started with reading Steve Kilbey's blog seven months ago I now like to check on a number of people's blogs. I'm very grateful to friends and family who read my personal rantings, rantings that do come from an intense place inside of me, and am especially grateful to fellow bloggers from all over the world who take the time to read and comment on my blog. If you're a blogger then I love to read your blog too because I'm into what you have to say and I love it when enlightened, creative, sensitive, vibrant people express themselves openly and freely.

A quiet Saturday night for me. Well, they're always pretty quiet, that's how I often like them. Last Saturday I went to a party in East Balmain with Lady Cool. We stood outside in the backyard hovering hungrily over the fire, taking in her lashings of heat to ward off the cold night air. Tonight I started working on an article on Dennis Wilson, the late Beach Boys drummer who drowned in 1983. I'm concentrating on his songwriting but its difficult for me to temper my enthusiasm and not write a generic history of the Beach Boys. I love the Beach Boys. Particularly when they grew their hair, and beards, and wore the most outrageous shirts known to this present civilisation. I've got to give the article to a friend to publish in his monthly newsletter. The deadline stands for next weekend. I might work on it again tomorrow night and when I'm finally satisfied with it, I'll post it here.

I could harp on until the cows come home. And at this time of night the chickens have certainly come home to roost. I better go rest. Tomorrow I must wake early, pick up my mum, and take her to a park to celebrate my nephew's 11th birthday.

And we'll have fun fun fun till daddy takes the tbird away..


Polydora said...

Very lovely post today. Do you think you just had a bad case of the common cold or might it have been a sinus infection?

You wrote: "I walk around dreaming up ideas for blogs. I want to blog till I drop. Time is the factor that will temper this enthusiasm. I'm also inspired to read more, see more, and create more"

All of these hold true for me as well. Sometimes I'll jot down subjects for future blogs that so far I almost never get around to. One is on gesture --the power of physical gesture -- in art and how just the intimation of movement can change the essential content and meaning of the piece.

Communication is all 'bout connection, isn't it? Sounds to me you're one who looks for the authentic points of connection and fosters them as well.

Hope you're feeling like a million bucks by tomorrow and well into the upcoming weekend! Cold Be Gone - poof!

All better now? :)

ross b said...

That's a good idea Ann-Marie, jotting down subjects for future blogs...i've thought of doing that but haven't even gotten around to simply jotting the ideas!

But yes this is definitely a creatively stimulating endeavour, and quite exciting in its potentialities. It's interesting to me that you mention the power of physical gesture because where I work the coming set of student showcases feature the Movement Studies students and their 'Bodyline' pieces. The movement students use 1st year student actors and they themselves partake and generally choreograph and direct these pieces. It is true performance art with an emphasis on movement. I plan to attend to at least one of these performances, I'll let you know what they're like (i'll likely blog it).

The downside to working in a busy school with an often frenzied environment is that when one person sneezes we all catch the cold. The students often get sick around production time...I've seen actors on stage absolutely pale and sweating...the next day they tell me their totally dosed up on caffiene and paracetamol!! I am feeling much better today, thank you! :)

I'm enjoying our blog dialogues - have a great day and talk soon!


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