Thursday, August 28, 2008

sad day for drama school

today's been a sad day for drama school
one of our acting graduates from 1999 suicided yesterday
he hired a room in a downtown hotel
the newswires said he 'self-harmed'
and jumped out the window
he was found dead during Wednesday afternoon
slumped on a Myer department store awning
in central Sydney
he was 32 years of age

we were shocked & upset
and those of us who knew mp
couldn't believe how such a thing could come to pass
for such a brilliant boy
mp was one of the best actors we've had
he an was innately gifted performer
with a keen theatrical intelligence
he was the sort of actor who just fit into any role so easily
so comfortable did he appear on stage
he could be commanding or silly where the role required
and he was no "actor"
he was always fully the part
and irony of ironies
he displayed brilliant comic talent and timing
he's been working as an actor ever since he graduated
in theatre & tv
recently in a popular and highly regarded tv show
the most recent episode to screen
just this week
had him married off
who knows what made him do what he did
i recall mp was highly-strung
but paradoxically he was also very straight-up & poised
very Very smart
alert and articulate
a big smile
just a brilliant artist and craftsman
one of the best
apparently he'd been battling depression
and as is often the case
he was purportedly battling the bottle
the demon fucking sauce
another of our graduates, from 1998,
went the same way 2 years ago
...this is shocking

there was a full-school meeting today
the ceo announced the news
we were addressed by two other staff members that worked closely with mp
back in 1997-99
it was a distressing day
such brilliance
such sensitivity
such artfulness
and such givingness too
an open, giving, generous, and luminous man
gone of his own doing
i can't grasp the irony of all of this
it is such wicked circumstance

chomping on salad
reading the newspaper
here we go...#*%$ headline...
ANOTHER priest makes the front page
yet ANOTHER case of child abuse & sexual molestation
by a catholic priest at an exclusive country boarding school
this sort of thing is a disgraceful regularity in these ere parts
the photo of this priest's face adorns the daily ragg
it's what you'd expect
that puffy poise...
that slightly dazed, sanctimonious look
of "no-one can harm me"
it's the most disgraceful circumstance
when a man in a position of trust
who ceremoniously invokes the names of higher energies and powers
indulges himself in sexual depravities with boys as young as 9 or 10
and then there's mp...
a brilliant young man of high artistry
and great sensitivity
snuffed of his own hand
...these priests fill me with contempt
if they were at least honest and declared themselves....
but no, they hide their despicableness in their pastoral robes
and their cottonwool lives

...i dunno...
I am reacting to what I read in the paper
I just think sometimes it's just not fair
but I do know there is an overall justice to everything
Sometimes, like today,
that is very hard to see
i wish mp's family all the best too
and to the class of '99
who are all distressed and grieving
God bless
and bye for now


Polydora said...

All child predators fill me with contempt!

My heart goes out to you and all those who respected, admired, cared for and loved MP.

The Knitting Songbird said...

Like I said the other day, I'm saddened by where Christianity has gone since Jesus walked this earth. It's sad that people who supposedly worship Jesus who said "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these" do these kinds of things to little angels...

And the earthly death of such a young soul is truly a much potential, so much more life to live...

ross b said...

Thank you, I'm feeling much better today.

and you know what? The deceased's name is "Priestley". The coincidence was lost on me when I wrote this up.

All child predators and child molesters are utterly contemptuous and despicable. It's even more horrific when it's fabricated with holiness - but fundamentally it is all bad and is a horrible indictment on our society.

The only church i follow these days is the band!! go killer, Marty, Pete & Tim! :)

...better get back to work now ;)

Kind regards, Ross.

The Knitting Songbird said...

I don't think it matters whether you follow a church (even a band:) or not. Ultimately, what matters is the acts you do and the karma you send out into the world.

Take care dear friend,

ross b said...

Amen, sister!! ;)



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