Tuesday, August 26, 2008

name change

Well here we go, i race in the door at midnight and hit the blog knowing i have not had a decent night's sleep for 2 long weeks!! I'm changing the title of my blog. I had the idea of doing so for the past week or so but after tonight's events I've decided with certainty that what I had before was way too negative, and not at all where I'm at as a human being on this planet at this moment in time. I have a song called 'E of a C' that is posted on myspace and it's a bit of a rant, musically mixing early church (verses) with Cold Chisel's 'Conversations' (chorus). But I'll leave it at that, as a mere song, with that title.

There's a lot going on. I've been with a good friend. I've had to offer light & love. I do not want any shadow of prescience dragged along the trail of that former title. This is fresh start offering new hope and new dawning for those who I love and care for in my living life, in the wake of recent conversations & discussions that have tapped deeply into the dark wellspring of the human psyche, and the current state of humanity. This is all I can say about that. All is well.

Focus on love, light, universality, godliness. Don't stay up u tubing and go playing with the negatives.

God bless.


Lian said...

Ross, I read your comment you left at ttb a moment ago, and was ready to leave a comment there but to find I've written too much, so come back here and what a surprise!

I wanted to tell you, it is nothing wrong with communicating with people, truly. I enjoyed your blog and it is surely one of my favorite. Your conversation with people are also very lovely, I must say.

Blog thing is actually too much for me. It's eating my time and I really need to give more time to my family and my daughter, which now seems just very hard, and it pains me a lot.

Lots of things to say but... enough.

All the best to you.

ross b said...

Thank you very much Lian, I am really very glad you enjoy my blog. Yes, I believe communication is something that is utterly valuable and there should be more of it on this planet!

And yet like you I have to be careful not to give too much time to the blog - it can be very rewarding and satisfying but where there are jobs & family etc, it does eat away into time.

Have a great day & talk to you soon, Ross.

Polydora said...

May 22 dreams spring eternal!

ross b said...

- for all of us!! :)


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