Tuesday, August 12, 2008

' Tex is beautiful ! '


Hey, my first video upload!!

(This video was taken with my Fujifilm SLR camera, it's an AVI file, 23 MB.)

Meet Tex the Whippet!!! Tex is licking his lips each time I tell him he's beautiful!

Tex is now about 2 years old, he's a typical whippet, timid, shy, loves affection, is utterly adorable.

He's owned by my friend Brigette. We were at her parent's place in the Southern Highlands, October 2007. Tex was being naughty, he wasn't actually allowed on the sofa, so pleased and comfortable he appears to be!


Polydora said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Polydora said...

sorry 'bout that. Trying again...

My high school genetics teacher once said that people's pupils dilate when paid a compliment. Perhaps dogs salivate and are compelled to lick their chops?

Cute vid.

veleska1970 said...

hahahaha~~tex is not quite sure what to make of the paparazzi stalking him. ;)

you have a nice, pleasant voice, ross. ;)

ross b said...

*shucks* ~ thanks veleksa!


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