Tuesday, August 26, 2008

75 *sweet* dreams

Friday, 22 August, my mum's 75th birthday.

She was born in the town of Plati in Calabria, Southern Italy, in 1933.

I hopped over to her house that night for a mum-son birthday celebration, the present?? A Steve Kilbey art print!!! 'Peacock' (thanks for the prompt delivery eekie!!)

I brought over a miniature pavlova for us to share; pavlova being a cake originating from Australia made from egg-white. On top is cream and fruit. I'm not really into cakey and neither is my mum, for health reasons. We both shared a couple of bitefuls and disposed of the remainder in the garden where hopefully it will compost naturally, but then surely the possums will have come late in the night to feast on this sweet delicacy.

One birthday candle = 75. I sang my mum a happy birthday and she blew out the candle. In making a wish she appeared pensive, my mum has always been that way inclined, somewhat god-fearing, a bit afraid of the future.

We pondered the age of 75, and what's to come. 'Oh my God' was mum's reaction to the words '75 years', in her sweet, cutely-clipped Calabrese accent, 'where have the years gone'. Tears welled up in mum's eyes as she quietly muttered the words 'como volar dio', which of course means "it's in the hands of God".

All of this Life is in the hands of ..., mum, that's why all of us, whether we're 7, 27, 57 or 75, must remain thankful to be alive and to have life, and in the time we have, to share it with love, dignity and grace with those we love and care for.

I wish you many more happy, healthy moons mum,

God bless.


The Knitting Songbird said...

Ross, this was such a nice post to read. I'll sound soppy if I say that it brought a tear to my eye (which it did) so all I'll say is that I bet your mum is proud to have such a lovely son like you!

And wow about the 22nd and the new name "22 dreams". I'm born on the 22nd as are a lot of my friends (Maria, Jorge, Rinaldo...). I'm no expert, but from what I've heard, 22 is a rather potent number in numerology...I'll have to google that :)

Polydora said...

Happy Birthday to your mum!

Wonderful thoughts to remember and think about, Ross. And, what a lovely photo of the two of you!!! I also really like that painting. Was that from you? Oh, and there's the cake too! Just too sweet.

Yep, gotta cherish these moments.

ross b said...

Thank you for your comments. Mary, 22 Dreams is the name of Paul Weller's new album, I like the title so much I'm using it...22 is a master number in numerology though I'm using it primarily because it's such an attractive number with much charisma and pull, perhaps that's why it's the master number?..

Anne-Marie thanks for the birthday wishes! The photo did turn out well considering, I recall resting the camera on my scarf so that it would face upwards at an angle, and I took the shot with 10-second delay giving me time to rush over and put on a face;), yet it looks so spontaneous, it worked well.

That painting, a Steve Kilbey art print! :) Sent over by eek from her Ohio studio, very prompt service I may add! ;) My mum likes birds, though she seemed a bit bemused by the print, I think secretly she likes it though, I can tell!! ;)

Have a great day, Ross.

veleska1970 said...

happy belated birthday to your mum!! and what a sweet tribute to her.

i love that print. i wanted to buy the original, but sadly couldn't afford it at the time.

ross b said...

thanks veleska! Yes that is a wonderful print, the original would have been amazing, I'd like to buy an original sk sometime...in anycase 'peacock' is one of my favourite art-works of his.


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