Wednesday, August 20, 2008

22 dreams

last night
at the Enmore Theatre
amid the beery inebriation
the intoxicating pungency of music
the glorious sonic fury
i saw
as clear as night’s day
woodlands of woking, surrey
cool, cold
somewhere sometime in the homely 60s
a boy of 8
places a vinyl disc on his parent’s record player
the boy is dazzled by the sounds of revolver
the magic porous through the speakers
he is marvelled utterly by the small 45’er
of penny lane strawberry fields
the boy turns 9
and lands sergeant pepper
the boy is charged, moved beyond belief
and with the steady backdrop of transistor radio
the transatlantic pop of tamla motown
the boy knows his mission
the boy that will be a man will make this music
that is stirring him utterly from his innermost being
I saw that boy last night
he is a man of 50
Paul Weller
the boy to be a man
will have listened to much more music since
small faces kinks who stax northern soul 60s/70s psychedelia
then to classical folk nick drake tim hardin neil young
crosby stills and fucking nash
yet i saw the original spark
as psychic vision
the original inspiration
of beatles and motown
all the sound produced by this man in concert
atomised from that core inspiration
struck by the boy
back in the sleepy backdrop of a woking town
of surrey England
in the mid-1960s

after the concert
in biding my friends farewell
i hung around abit
i wanted to meet paul and have a chat
and why not??
there’s plenny to talk about…an’ discuss…
how’s yer dad??
paul’s dad was a brickie
so was mine
paul’s dad had a big personality and big bouffant hair
so did mine
paul’s mum was a cleaner
so was mine
(though me mum scored a job in a department store p/t selling confectionary)
paul lived in a terrace house on a main road
Stanley Road
so did I
Carrington Road
paul is a shy withdrawn person passionately driven to communicate
so am I
so I’s just thought I’d hang outside the back o’ the enmore
but the lane was actually blocked
with security guards posted at each end
fare enough methought
so I walks back to my car
two suburbs away
all the way up past king street newtown

the concert was just incredible
I was utterly shaken and grooved
it was a totally shagadelic xperience
I knew all the songs
and all the words
(I always know all the words)
everyone around me seemed so prim & proper
well you can’t be prim & proper at a Paul Weller concert
fucken get into it ladies & gents!!!
I’ve been impregnated with the soul and passion
great singing and performance
of these great songs
that marry so many influences
stretching all the way back to the beatles & tamla motown
one song off the new album 22 dreams
had me reeling
it’s a piano/vocal performance called ‘invisible’
the majestic golden tones of the piano
reminded me of one of my favourite songwriters
the Canadian Kate McGarrigle
so for that moment I was transported back to Quebec
Montreal, mid-60’s
where kate & her pals hunched together at cafes
creating this music that merged english & franco folk
with American soul folk & blues…

walking back to my car
through the windy hip king street
was a thoroughly inconsonant experience
I felt each step to be universes apart
my right side heeled firmly to king street newtown
my left side
hobbling in ethers of parallel uni-verses
and energies once lived and experienced
yet now bygone
and after a night of dreams
22 or 33 or 44
I’m more convinced than ever
that I lived through the sixties
and had myself a great fucking time
not in a human body mind u
my empiric memory informs me
I did not want to land in a body again
I wanted to cruise and enjoy the planet
and for a while I did
symbolically and representatively
this is seen in me being born a generation apart from my sweet siblings
they born in the fifties
me, 1970
being a being
as I am
of raised consciousness, or awareness
the same way self-raising flour *puffs*
('powder-puff' as they used to say..)
i possessed enough consciousness or ‘mass’
to withstand falling into another body
where for the majority of the earth’s population
that could be taken as given
i shoulda been here in body, by ‘63
instead i cruised
i waved around the americas when jfk was slain
feelin’ the vibes but not drawing in
i heard the beatles
attended every concert
I flew the skies with the energy of dylan’s mr tambourine man
I was called over to a west hollywood studio
to hear brian wilson create and produce god only knows
I was on set when the sound of music was being filmed
I was on stage with the von trapps singing edelweiss
I swam around the old traps of my beloved italy
where I’d livin’ mostly over the past couple o’ thousand years
enjoying the swiss & northern Italian alps
spent some time in quebec during their wintertime
toasting in the warmth of the folky cafes & song fran├žois
I saw england win the ‘66 world cup
I witnessed the arab-israeli war
but recoiled
instead rejoicing to the beatles all you need is love
live tv satellite beamed throughout the planet
…that was the moment it all moved…
those satellite dishes unnerved me
caught me out
I felt unmasked and vulnerable
suddenly weighted
gravity pulling
was it time to come back into another living body???
I resisted
by ’68
gravity prevailed
I had something to do on earth, i sensed
i knew i had to come back and be of service to people
by 1969 I felt coarser, almost grainier
tired of resisting
knowing that my time to get landed was arriving fast now
July 1969
brian jones died in his swimming pool
head submerged by a pack of bullies
i’m startled
and my beetles
writin’ & recordin’ abbey road
songs that coarsed through my being
maxwell’s silver hammer ringing alarm bells
knowing my time travelling this ether was up
I struggled with heaving emotions
the tears of eternity’s pain
the almost endless sorrow of worldly beings
and joy
that brought us to this point
July/Aug 1969
the pressure screamed at me
my soul was crumbling
the noise was unbearable
filtered through come together something I want you
and the medley, on side two
of abbey road
the beatles swan song
and that was that
in I fell
back to womb
to be born
march 1970
into another human body
the beatles broke up officially
in april

an alien land
utterly unbeknownst to me
never lived here or ether-travelled here either
upside down seasons
but a good place, nonetheless
I was clean of past attachments
i’d left behind in europe, mainly italy
god hath said to me
you’ll be looked after
you’ll have enough – just
live and do your best
but serve
do service to others
I was born to underlyingly great love
love that on the surface
represented a war zone

Paul Weller in concert was astounding
and i was there in that bedroom in surrey
in ‘66
with the spirit of revolver
and strawberry fields
tapping into the universal saucepan
of unlimited & unfettered creativity and passion
love and freedom
we All represent
and dearly wish to share in
and forever

if you're reading this
i'll write you up a proper review soon
with a few more facts
a few more songs
& less esoterics


Lian said...

Hi ross,
you were being quiet this couple of days, I mean, on TTB.

a long blog today, especially for a non-english speaker like me, I constantly make some silly mistakes like, write eyelids as eyelips. ^^

I will peruse it tomorrow.

Good night!

Wish you a brilliant Thursday, ross.

Polydora said...

f'n outstanding post today. Thanks for the pre-embodiment reminiscence as well!

My late husband swore that I was with him in the 60's but died of an overdose. Yeah, well then, I was in France in the 20's and so many other places. Seemed like it would have been too quick a turnaround for me, but one never knows.

I was born in 1970 but I always say I arrived in 1973.

"well you can’t be prim & proper at a Paul Weller concert fucken get into it ladies & gents!!!"

loved this line. Lovely to see your fiery passion come through.

veleska1970 said...

sorry you didn't get to meet paul. i loved the jam and style council, but not familiar with anything else he did afterwards, i'm sad to say. i had "a town called malice" on shuffle for the longest time.

i'm with polydora~~fantastic post today. i know i've lived many past lives, i think that's why i have such an affinity for history. (that was my minor at university.) sk talks a lot about past lives seeping up to the surface~~i experience that all the time.

great post today. it's a keeper. :)

Polydora said...

Speaking of past lives, V, I still find it a little uncanny that you, Ross and I were all reappeared in 1970. Wonder what the pull was that year. Just find it interesting. And seems we all came to to like the church at different ages/stages in our life so... Can't say that really accounts for us finding each other on this here same blog page.

mysteries to be left unsolved and perhaps no real mystery there at all, but I still find it an interesting point of connection.

ross b said...

hey all, thank you for your comments and kudos. Looking at this piece objectively, it's quite fanciful and perhaps outlandish but it just feels so utterly real and true for me.

hey Lian yes I've been away from Steve's blog... I've been reading it but with the limited time i have i'm being drawn to other blogs and enjoying those as well as steve's. I will pipe-up and add comments and involve myself again with the ttb but it won't be a daily occurence.......sometimes i feel a little vulnerable on that blog too... there are too many people throwing darts (plus the odd grenade) on the comments and ...i dunno, sometimes i feel dismayed and annoyed, maybe i'm just 2 sensitive in some ways.

hey Veleska I studied history at uni too! I did a double major in history and music with english as a minor. I loved history. I particularly loved ancient greek history in high school and then at uni, modern european. I studied strands of modern japanese & modern american history too. it all still holds fascination for me.

Paul's done some great solo work, in particular Wildwood & Stanley Road from the mid-90s are mini-masterpieces, his new album is great too. It was an astounding concert and one of the best i'd been too. My only regret is that I was busy last night (thursday) as I would have gone along again as there were tickets remaining.

...the church in 92 at the Enmore when they broke up as a four-piece was a pretty astounding night, all i recall is the 'electricity' in the theatre - will tell you more about that soon.

I fervently believe in symbolism and yes, the 1970 factor is an interesting point of connection. What happened in the western consciousness that year?? The Beatles split, Lennon recorded his classic psychotherapy solo album ("...the dream is over..." his refrain in 'God'), the USA peaked in its output of crude was definitely the dawn of a new era; from a popular culture perspective the optimism of Woodstock in '69 gave way to the chilling Manson murders & Altamont concert in Dec'69. The party was over, and we were born!!

I believe: Dylan's Mr Tambourine man signifies the dawning of the age of aquarius; 1970 was the dawn of a new era; time had begun speeding up by 1979; there were shifts in consciousness in the years 1987 & 1996 (further speed-ups); the first international satelite broadcast in 1967 featuring the Beatles all you need is love "broke" a psychic antenna that sped up processes and circumstances thereafter - hence all the riots in 1968, the long hair, acceptance of the permissive society etc.

...what a rant - I can't help it!! Lian what year were you born in??

Have a great day all, Ross

Lian said...

Ross, for some reasons I kept concerning about you these couple of days, truly. It's so nice to hear from you again.

I was born in 1971.

ross b said...

Lian, thanks for your kindness and concern, that is much appreciated. I've just been a bit busy & tired this week, I think I blew my week's supply of fuse at the gig on Tuesday night!

Have a terrific Saturday! Ross

ps...just left a comment on killa's blog...I'm back, Yay!!! :)

Lian said...

I've read it Ross. ^^
Have a great weekend!

Polydora said...

"... and I were all reappeared in 1970."

Uh, that was supposed to read "...and I reappeared" - just delete the "were all." Had two different trains of thought going there and looks like they both made it into type. :P

I'm bushed. Had much sun, sailing, and fun but too little sleep.

Got your cd today! =)

Will have a listen when I get back from Tacoma. As I type, the computer and desk undulate as though I'm still aboard the 44 ft. sloop, Nomadness. Swoosh, swoosh. Oi!

:) Hope you're having a fine Sunday!!!!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful self. I truly appreciate your depth and candor!

veleska1970 said...

yes, 1970 was a great year!! :)

ross b said...

Thank you for your comments!! Have been out all weekend, much play, gig & rehearse, plus helping friends.

Sounds like the day out on the ocean was awesome, now that is the life!! :)

It's past midnight and just got home to check emails, I look forward to getting back on the blog where time permits! :-0

off for some much needed sleep now! ;)

Have a terrific Sunday/Monday! r.


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