Friday, July 25, 2008

thursday 24 july

I awoke this morning feeling a little crabby. It was cold and rainy and I had to rush off to Randwick junction for a 9:30am podiatry appointment. I only made the appointment because I received a letter specifying that it was time for a check-up. My appointment was made for Wednesday but the podiatrist Paul phoned me and told me he couldn't do it, and pressed me for 9:30 am.

I had to drive because I was running late. I was driving in circles in the rain coveting a parking space. And then got wet running to the clinic. I discovered I was at the wrong place. I rang Paul from my phonus mobilis. He sounded tight and so-slightly strained. I was a few doors down. He gave me instructions until we almost bumped into each other yelling into our little phones.

In the warm room of the clinic Paul told me the aforementioned letter was to introduce a new location for the clinic and not necessarily to make an appointment. I grimaced slightly. I remembered otherwise, I was sure the letter told me I was due for an appointment and as everyone knows I got a memory like an elephant. Appreciatively, cool Paul told me he wouldn't be charging me for the visit. He checked my shoes & orthotics and before I knew it I shot off into the rain after well-wishes. Paul is a nice guy.

I had a great shower a little later. One of those showers that make you feel super clean. I felt very comfortable in my jeans, paisley shirt and v-neck black jumper, scarf and black jacket as i hit the bus up to downtown Sydney. I was meeting up with a friend at the Rocks for lunch. We shared a bottle of wine. Interestingly I didn't feel too tipsy or winey, it was lovely sauce, obviously good quality grape, the type that's very forgiving on the head and body. You could taste the love with each sip. Conversation dealt mainly with possible causes of climate change ladeda. We were outdoors under cover yet the sky was still cloudy. It remained yuckily cold though the wine was the amolient, a soothing vine for a drab winter's day.

I walked back to Kensington after casually browsing around Allans music and JB-Hi Fi. I perused the Church catalogue on display, seeing which albums they had, and which ones they didn't. Then I stopped for more coffee. It was good, warming and recharging.

Later went to this strange hard-to-find cafe in O'Riordan Street Alexandria close to the industrial belt, now rapidly gentrifying. For the second time today I drove in circles. The cafe was situated behind a harley davidson showroom on the bottom floor of this strange steel structure. I'll have to examine this more closely next time I'm there. There was an open mic jazz gig on and a friend from drama school was singing. She was good and her sister played keyboards. They later followed on to the Raglan where I quickly shot off to at 7pm.

It was such a fun night at the Raglan. A small audience, yet intimate and cosy. We all enjoyed performing and watching & listening to each other perform. David G convenes the night and performs a set at the beginning and the end. He's such a good performer and is also a lovely convenor, considerate and quietly passionate about the people he puts on, I think he sets the tone for the night. Gav came along to watch. Vic F did some amazing stuff on banjo, a highlight being a cover of Elton J's Benny & the Jetz. Vic was correct in her introduction, the song works well on banjo, very well. I know of some songs that go down surprisingly well on ukulele, but won't mention them here.

I did my bit which I enjoyed. I brought my camera along, it was in the boot of my car where it remained. I couldn't be bothered tonight to be running around in all positions snapping away. But I sort of regretted it later. I sometimes wish others were as ardently snap-happy as I usually am.

The fledgling yet gifted duo Ruby for Lucy came on to play. We love them. They are awesome. They are two of the loveliest young women who share a quite remarkable synergy and musical chemistry. Together they are just so great. I got the impression the girls don't quite realise how good they are together, they are just that good. I almost feel protective of them. In this reasonably small singer-songwriter world we stick together, we are like family and it's a place all of us who are involved can get together and feel safe, and feel at home with each other.

My world is gently rocked.


veleska1970 said...

brrrr!!! i hate cold, wet days. but right now we are in the middle of a drought, and the temperatures have been over 100 F every day for about two weeks now. and the weathermen say that we can expect more so until at least friday of next week. bleggghh.

"phonus mobilis". that's cute, ross. i like it. :)

eh,don't worry about not having your camera with you. there are times when i wish i had mine, but then the memory lives on in my head, so i think that's just as good as having a tangible recollection.

ah~~good friends, good company, good times. those are the little things that make life worthwhile. you're chuffed. :)

ross b said...

hey Veleska! that's a bit of a worry about the weather. Summer droughts are becoming increasingly prevalent in temperate zones. I'm never one for heat-waves but at the moment i wouldn't mind a few days of 100+ myself! :-0

other thing about the camera is people always come to me asking me to send them the photos i've taken, which i don't mind and am happy to do...but i've still got a list here by my computer that i've yet to get around to!

good friends, good company, good times. those are the little things that make life worthwhile.


Wishing you very well Veleska,
Kindest regards, r.


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