Tuesday, July 22, 2008

saving the whirled

it's taken as given
that newspaper headlines are predictably blustery and exhortant
the most downright glibbest newsy headline i'd ever encountered
happened last week
from the pope
as the pope landed in sydney he gave us a massage
and it became the day's headline
'Save the World'
save the world???
i couldn't get my head around that
it was inconceivable to me
i felt like a calculator that's been asked to divide a number by zero
is the pope serious?
or quite obviously airborne in his hypoxic dreamworld
you see a message of 'save the world' is utterly nonsensical
because if 'save the world' is a teardrop
then the stipulations recommendations problems and neverending fineprint
would equal the pacific ocean
save the world from what, mr pope?
from yourself perhaps??
do you know of something we don't??
...you and your band of illuminatis
and what exactly are we saving
the world and its structures
its financial institutions and big businesses
its population centres and cities
or the planet and its soil and its oceans and its air
and its shifting accelerating climate patterns
and where do we begin to 'save the world'?
jetting around the whirled like you do mr pope isn't setting a good example
everywhere you fly and walk you're leaving a mighty big trail of greenhouse gas emissions aren't you?
and not to criticise that...
but to have a think about what 'saving the world' really entails mr pope

i really don't know what to think about all this stuff anymore
i'm very passionate about reality and earth issues
but there is a side to me that loves business-as-usual
i don't want our structures to fall down
and my 'way of life' to end
i'm currently looking at upgrading a bass amp
and they are so cheap too, less that 500 for something good
of course these are made intensively
using a combination of pvc (oil based) and various metals
extracted from the earth via primary industry
exported to China where they are manufactured at low cost
for our benefit
...gee wee in the west have it good
and for how long we can't say

if the popey wants to save the world
well here's a couple of practical measures he could consider
he can roll his sleeves up and start picking up all the plastic that lies on our ocean floors
some patches as sizeable as australia's northern territory
live utterly subsistently
he can put up a straw hut somewhere in the woods
with a bit of help from his cardinal sin(ner)s
who wear smaller hats than he
and discover which berries are healthy and which are poison
and of course you'll be in competition with the brown bears
.....there's a part of me that imperatively wants to roll my sleeves up
to pickup all the rubbish off the fucking planet
and go off and live off the land
and i must say my footprint on this planet is relatively light
for a westerner that is..
i'm not convinced that anything humanity does now to revert
drastic climate change
consequences of peak oil (= energy)
peak food
peak resources
are going to acheive much
carbon trading scheme manifestos are merely a soggy slap to the face
in the wake of the earth's roar
sustainability practices and business
cannot escape the elemental pain of primal energy depletion (aka the black stuff)

how depressing is all this !
i don't mean it to be
but i get mightily annoyed at some establishment religionist
making a glib remark in the name of some imagined holiness
and landing it on a wave of cheering idiots
who will do Sweet F.A. of course
...you hath spoken, mr pope
and yet the Mother Earth speaks too
it doesn't take much to know
which of you is the Almighty One
and which of you is merely a lame mouse in comparison
dressed in gold lame & diamonds

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Anonymous said...

I just finished reading a book called "Eat your heart out" by Felicity Lawrence. The book is basically about the food industry and its catastrophic effect on both our planet and our health. Honestly, I couldn't put it down, it was like reading a thriller - only problem is, it's us and the planet that's slowly getting killed off while a handful of transnationals line their ever expanding pockets. It's sad because I truly believe that we have the power to change the planet and save the little we have left of it. But we're all, ALL gonna have to bite the bullet and give up our western industrialised way of life. However, not many of us want to do that but I'm afraid that when peak oil comes, as it will, we will have no choice.

Take care, keep on writin'
The Knitting Songbird


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