Sunday, July 6, 2008

it's a cold cold play...

it's been an intense weekend
thus far
sunday evening and i'm knackered
this morning i drove angel jazzz to the airport
she's flying over to sing at a jazz festival in hot sicily
we had an intense discussion over coffee at the terminal
the whole 'boundaries' thing
we're friends, nothing more etc etc
i was touched by angel's candidness and sensitivity
i could see how utterly well-meaning she was
and is
having gotten up at 530am
because i couldn't sleep anyway
doing mousework for an hour before hopping into that freezing car
to pick up angel to deliver to airport
and feeling somewhat moved and touched
by a conversation that shifts a mouse-slash-mountain within
that was rocksolid in place yesterdays
sheltered somewhere within my torso
i found myself a bit drained afterward
and i was supposed to have a 1st coffee date this afternoon
with a woman i've met via the dating machine
ie an internet dating cite
i sms'd and cancelled
wasn't in the mood for meeting new people
just didn't want to get in that car and drive
deal with the usual sydney rude driver bunch
that's most of us...
besides i was feeling chesty and fatigued
so now i'm left wondering when's the best time to call and arrange a new date
have i allowed the potential love of my love drift into the wayside
because of an intense conversation with angeljazzz???
at a time on sunday morning
that i'd rather be in sleep mode with awake function in slo mo
so that bears on me
ringin' up and organising another Date
and yet
part of me's just not interested
i seem to have a lot of women around me
good friendships
intense ones
yet no love or romance quite
it's said as within so without
i better look inside my chest
and get rid of any nasties lurking
y'know resistances and stuff
maybe i gotta open up more
...maybe i just gotta do nothing
i'm simple friendly luminous and playful
yet am full of little bits of personality that seemingly contradict each other
i can be terribly quiet and reserved
yet i'm out-there in many other ways
i've no compuction about performance
or detailing my private life in blog form to a cast of naught-to-10s
i'm gentle
yet inwardly passionate and determined
and i'm not into the usual stuff people are into
don't like tv or massmedia crapola
dislike 'entertainment'
sport to a large part is diabolical
just not interested in all that
i'm into beauty music people communication nature truth ...
...hey i'm selling myself here already!
so here it is...
end of a civilisationist dating site
i'm the guy
38 Male
and human

the other thing that's rankled with me
pissed me off in fact
was reading killa's blog during the weekend
and all that stuff about coldplay
well, i'm easygoing in most areas of my life
but music i'm so passionate about
i can't bear these dweebs that sprinkle little flakes of condescension at the Church
in propagation of coldplay
i've never listened to coldplay, actually
a good friend lent me a disc once
and 30 seconds of the stuff was all i could handle
but because she's a good friend i'll do it another listen sometime..
the point is...
the Church are Extraordinary
they are blessed with depth and resonance not found in any other band
they speak and sing of worlds and universes
where the music utterly matches the brilliant words and poetry
'aromatic' says kilbey
Koppes & Willson-Piper are a dreamteam
Kilbey is earth's greatest bassist
the synergy between members...
the alchemy...
is magical
they look tantalisingly wonderful and beautiful
(as a hetero guy i'm not ashamed to say that)
and simply they make Great music
not merely "oh yeah it's great"
or it's "good"
Church music is Great music
like bach beethoven beatles is Great music
somehow all that coldplay discussion just got me riled and a bit depressed
but tonight Steve Kilbey has posted a most humorous blog
and that's cheered me up no end!
So long live the Church!!

...and now
do i phone my cancelled date or not...?


Chuckles said...

If you sensed a vibe, call her! She'll understand if you're sincere and she is compassionate and real.


PS. I know I'm not a lady.

ross b said...

Ah Chuckles..

are you not "a" lady or "the" lady!! ;)

there was no real vibe, ...i'm well but just generally not motivated other than to go to work and go home. I'm looking forward to having time off in 2 weeks.

regards, ross b freckles

veleska1970 said...

sorry this is late advice on the dating front. like, almost a WEEK late. **blush** i've been working every day this week, either in the morning or in the evening and then trying to squeeze obligations in between....

maybe try to set up a coffee date again. after all, it's just coffee, and there's nothing written in stone that dictates you have to marry her, LOL. ;) but if you are not up for it, then just do a follow-up, letting her know that you have a lot going on, and maybe sometime in the future you can meet up again. i'm sure she'll understand.

and you are right about the church~~there is no one that can even BEGIN to come within light years of them.

i'll have to go back and read steve's blog you are talking about. but then i have a lot of blogs i have to get caught up on. :(

hope you are well.


ross b said...

Hi Veleska,

Thank you for that, you're right ~ as it is we are meeting for coffee tomorrow which is nice! It should be a pleasant afternoon given the skies remain sunny.

Like you I've been fairly busy this week and haven't been on the blog much, though have been well and happy.

Hope you have a great weekend!
Kind regards, Ross


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