Saturday, July 5, 2008

dreaming intuition

last saturday morning
i awoke to a faint mood of trepidition and concern
sunlight was beaming through the windows
i turned my head to the clock
my body was pleasantly numbed with sleep
the l.e.d. said 9:00
my mood was caused by a dream i was having as i was waking
i dreamt that steve kilbey was having a little go at me on his blog
i dreamt that he was chiding me ever-so-slightly about having palmed him a book at the vegan do
i dreamt i was reading his blog
the time being
where the chiding bit was toward the end in a new paragraph
all the letters were lower case and smaller font that usual
like ee cummings and this blog
and there were lots of ..........s at the end of words & sentences
i recall that earlier on in the week steve expressed on his blog a certain puzzlement
and homeopathic disdain
at having a book with a title origins of man and the universe land in his palms
anyhow i shrugged all that off and got out of bed to enjoy a lovely day

it was later on in the afternoon that i returned to the computer
and to the Time Being
and oh steve mentions me as friendly fiend roscoe b
he liked the book i gave him
well...that's pleasing
you see, i didn't give steve a book wondering if he'd like it or not
as discussed in a previous blog...
i read one of steve's blogs of 3 months ago
and it hit me without any decision that steve would really go for a book i had in my collection
i email
he replies
and to cut a long story short i ended up at the vegan do at someone else's request
and the book came along..."just in case"
so in giving steve the book
there was no expectation
because i knew with an inner certaintly that if he gave the book a go he'd really like it
and that's precisely what happened
if he hadn't liked the book
well so be it
either way would not have affected me
though i'm pleased for him that he seems to be getting a lot out of it

steve posted that blog at about 8:30am
meaning that he would have logged a new post at that time and would have commenced writing it from there
i was dreaming about his blog at that time
psychic intuition?
i have been told i'm very psychic & intuitive
but to what extent i've no idea
funnily enough steve quotes from the book i gave him
the paradox of a martial artist who is full of power
yet will lose it if he uses it
(steve's read a lot more into the book than i ever did!)
it's the same with skills
or virtues
such as psychic awareness & intuition
some things in life you don't go around telling people
you don't go around telling people i'm the best looker in this building
or i'm "this" or the best that's up to others to offer that compliment
in a goode & rightly moment
that is upwardly serving to both of you
i recall on steve's blog
some months ago
when a spruiker-mercenary was attempting to sell japan to the blogmeister
one particularly abrasive person
yelled at the blogger
and proceeded to detonate a bomb into the comments field
in an attempt to offend a group of commenters
and proclaiming
lionely boasting in fact
of her "intuition" as proof of a rightful deed
well excuse me?
if you're so fucking intuitive why do you land yourself in the shit with your insensitivity and overbearingness?
and candid disrespect to that which is obviously beyond you
managing to upset and hurt others
who do speak up and tell you
...we don't luz you back...

she was wrong anyway
as far as i was concerned the silly woman had it all wrong
i'm sure if we met face to face we'd get on fine
perhaps not...?
such is the pitfall of blogging
being to being is the true form of comminication
there is no hiding
i've nothing against this person
we all have our own lives & pressures to deal with
but to make the point
never to boast about one's own 'intuition' please!
if i get told i'm intuitive...
well, that's nice, i suppose
but i hold no attachment to that
i don't proclaim it
i let intuition do its thing, if it exists in the first place
i don't want to dampen these gifts or powers
...if they are there to begin with...
by making a meal of them
proclaiming them boasting of them
because in that moment intuition dies
be open and aware
then intuition
along with inner space & poise
perhaps light and love
will flow through
like a river
from the universe of suns & earths & moons
into one's own sweet body
and like anyone of course
I ain't perfect!!!!

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