Tuesday, July 29, 2008

cancellation rumination

tonight i was forced to cancel my participation at a tuesday night soiree
due to cold & flu
i was meant to drive westward to mt victoria today
3 & 1/2 thousand feet above sea level
atop of the blue mountains 2 hours west of sydney
i would have played at the imperial hotel
and hung out with the organisers pennie lennon & bruno koenig
of my hearts dezire
i love pennie's music
when i first heard it on cd in 1999 i sent her a letter telling her how much i loved her songs
she wrote back
saying 'oh my goodness my first fan letter'
i since discovered she had one of her albums produced & engineered by two members of the church
so i was mightily impressed and excited by this
pennie doesn't say much about that period however
other than she's grateful for their work and contribution
that album is called 'journeys'
featuring some beefy bass-work from the finest bass-player on the planet

i was looking forward to a sizzling log fire
and to warming red wine
and to taking heaps of photos
and to whipping up a great blog!!
...and yet i have to contend with just sitting home writing this
problem is i can't go up to mount vic until perhaps december or january now
because next week i'll be back at drama school
accessing the upteenth edition of the uber-upteenth copy
of shakespeare's measure for measure
and the rest of it..

worst thing is
...i've recovered amazingly quickly
feeling feeble this morning after yesterday's ominous sense of a cold coming

crashing down on me
but feeling pretty ok now
likely all that olive leaf extract astragalus ginger etal helped immensely
so in a way i could have driven to mount vic

i was looking forward to catching up with pennie & bruno
and all the other participants
and indulging in some-sing-song myself
...and the red wine
...and the log fire
...and the sub-freezing winds
...and the languid afternoon stroll around the pretty highland town
...and the empirically historic victorian-era hotel
...and perhaps the midnight drive back home
roller-skating down the mountains
...and of course all the beaut photos
of a frozen mountain town
and the imperial hotel at night
heartily content people singing their songs
with the log-fire in the background
and that glowing winter ambience
there may some snow up there
it's cold enough for it
it was not to be
here am i
of scarves and beanies
freezing mountain air
flame trees naked and shrivelled to shivering silence amidst the backdrop of a highland town
red wine
listening to fine original mountain-music
and having a laugh with pennie & bruno


Darn it!


Polydora said...

Wow Mt. Vic sounds like a slice of wintery heaven! Almost makes me want to embrace the cold!

"olive leaf extract astragalus ginger etal helped immensely"

It does help immensely doesn't it? I generally find that within 48 hrs of intensive herbal therapy I'm quite functional. Much better than the 4-5 days it takes (if I'm lucky) without.

Do you have any pictures of this place? If you get up there some other time, I'd love to see some... a roaring fire, red wine, so nostalgic. Almost feels like Christmas.

ross b said...

Actually they celebrate Christmas in July in the Blue Mountains with many hotels putting up Christmas trees & decorations and traditional Christmas fair (puddings etal), the climate up there around this time of year is very similar to England in wintertime.

alas...going up to mount vic was not meant to be, i'm still dismayed and disappointed...i'm likely to go up in january but it won't have that magic wintery feel then. Pennie emailed me today telling me there were two log fires going in the ballroom...

...I feel a bit cheated, my chance for a bit of time off and the segment I was particularly looking forward to I've had to cancel due to a silly cold!

Oh well...that's life! (but i remain disappointed nonetheless..)

veleska1970 said...

i hope you're feeling better soon, ross!! do all the usual "mom's home remedies" stuff and you'll be fine.



ross b said...

thank you Veleska! :) as it is my mum was telling me recently her grandma in Italy used to boil olive leaves and store the brine. They used it as a general health tonic and as a remedy for colds. And today in health food shops this tonic is readily available!

I'm feeling much better today thank you...i still have two days off, i'm planning a trip somewhere tomorrow, alas it can't be the mountains.

Kind regards, r.

Polydora said...

so, you're Italian?

Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling better today! Sad you missed out on the Blue Mountains but I think they'll be even better to get away to when it hot and ugly in good ol' Sydney town ;) Well, I hope you enjoyed the astral chips and steak. Tomorrow I've got some more goodies in store for lunch so feel free for your non-snag self to come over :)))

Take care, talk soon,


ross b said...

Italian? Yes!!

(Pardon for the tardy reply but I've been away, coughin' & wheezin' & not up to thinkin' too much, much less sitting at a computer screen to my chagrin...this thing is addictive!!)

My parents were born in Calabria in the toe of Italy, dad from Cinquefronte & mum Plati. They met in Australia. Dad came to Australia in 1949 age 19. He spent the previous four years living with relatives in Genoa after escaping from his tyrannical father at war's end. For a year or two he cut sugar cane in northern Queensland and made friends with the local indigenous people. He moved with relatives to a small, irrigated farming town in mid-NSW called Hanwood.

Mum came over in 1950 age 17. She was the youngest of a string of sisters. Their dad positioned them in Hanwood and went off back to Italy to attend to some business. Apparently it was a toss-up between Australia & Brooklyn! My mum has still relatives in Brooklyn NY.

And so, like a lot of people back in those times mum&dad met & married without further ado in Dec 1953. My sister was born in Sep 1954 & brother in Feb 1959. The family moved to Sydney in 1961. And myself, despite resisting the ether's urges to enter back into another human body on earth I was landed in the month of pisces, the ides of March, in 1970. The next month the Beatles broke up. Seems as though I missed out on a great party. !

I need to examine my family history's past more closely, to come to terms with the craziness and unhappiness engendered in all of us...but that's the past, I'm happy now (ie, I'm freed of blobs of unhappinesses or dark energies attaching themselves to me no more...). But my sis has done some writing on all this I think...have to ask her next time I see her.

And you're Italian too??

ross b said...

astral chips and steak ???

Great line!! :-))

Polydora said...

Yes, I'm Italian too. 75% worth. The other 25% is German. Maternal grandfather came over to the US after WW1 at age 14. Maternal great-grandparents came over before the depression (some amazing stories with that one). Paternal grandfather came over in his twenties shortly after WW1 (he married my german grandma about 20 years later).

I'm sure if we ever had the fortune of meeting and sharing a drink, we'd laugh ourselves silly telling stories about our crazy Italiano relatives!

Interesting coinky dink -- unless I'm mistaken, you, Veleska and I were all born in 1970!? How interesting! Must have been the astrological year of The Church fan! ;)

Polydora said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ross b said...

Yep, 1970's the year! I think that by the time we all finished or were finishing high school, UTMW came out as a single, followed closely by the Starfish album. And for me, being 17 or 18, that was Great Timing!!

UTMW remains my 'code' song (aka 'way of life' song) - more on that later...I'll blog that sometime soon.

questionsaboutfaith said...

I will put your blog on my favorites. Very interesting thoughts.

ross b said...

Thank you!! I'll do likewise. I notice one of your interests is making new friends - that's a nice one, I'm very much into that too! :)

You're quite an involved person, I like that.

Re: about your 'About Me' profile, I recommend Barry Long's 'The Origins of Man and the Universe' to answer some questions about religion vs science. This was the book I threw into sk's hands at a recent vegan festival. He gave the book the thumbs up in one of his blogs - I do recommend it.

Kind regards, Ross

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