Wednesday, June 18, 2008

weather desolation

i've not been in my finest mood these past few weeks
principally it's for the weather
we haven't had much sunshine at all
i don't mind those dark days that teem with rain
at least they're honest in their uncompromising pissingdown-ness
we seem to have had a June of squally windy cloudy foggy rubbish
the fogs been clouding my perception
i feel hemmed in
the grey humidity is hammering away at my bentdown head
wherever i go
winter solstice occurs over the next couple of days
while the populous northern hemisphere gears into party time
i'm in sacred neede of sonne
in a lonely southern land

at my luxurious library
where i profusely toil
i get asked "you must be glad to be here on a day like this !"
well the truth is...
i'd much much rather be at wok when the weather is sunny and delicious
i get the sun streaming in through the glass windows
shimmering through the glimmering trees lined via the across-the-road university
and on the other side
districtal southeast sydnia
and i feel good, playful as a puppy
i enjoy my trade
but when the weather is crap
i'm the bear in winter
and i don't wanna move from my house

it hasn't been particularly cold even
except for the last weekend
sunday took the prize poodle
biting harsh wind sideways rain
the perfect day to dive into the unconscious realm
and throw away the quay
instead my nephew and i
my nephew almost my age
...he's really a good friend
and a fine jazz guitarist
asked me along to the vegan festival
at one of them keys
around sydney harbour
we are both veered toward the life of everlasting broccoli stalk chomping
and he told me steve kilbey was playing
i thought, ok, we'll tailor our stay for his performance

the festival itself was good
yet it was tempered by a wet cloth of repression
the repression of a god-awful day outside those windows
i got some good stuff out of it
a big kakadu juice guy was sort of signing me up to distribute this wonderjuice
though i'll say no if he calls me
i'm into wonderjuice
particularly wonderjuice made of exotic berries our western lives no nothing about
there was good literature flying around
and fine catering from newtown's green gourmet
love them sweet'n'sour soykranski !
ginger not-beef ! (that was yum;)
I listened to one speaker before kilbey who was very illuminating
and me and Chaz sat down to watch Steve when it was his turn to stride the podium

before i left home i recalled an email i sent to the blogger
some 6 weeks beforehand
telling him the blog of the day reminds me of a booke
you may like to read...
the blog of that day was something heady and spiritual
like re-in-carnation or something
i don't expect a reply of course
but i received one two weeks ago
just a short'n'sweet thanks with a wry note added for sweet measure
So! methinks...
i'll chuck the book in the bag
and in the off-chance we cross paths
and if i can be bottled enough
i'll give 'im the book!

sk was terrific
a wonderful speaker
charismatic presence
funny as all get out
and a visionary singer-songwriter
when the gig finished
and chaz and i, inspired as we were
vowed to collect and throw out our sirena's tunatins from his 3rd level balcony for goode
though chaz says 'i'll be off'
so i says 'i'll be out in a sec' as i was talking to a mate Chris Carrapetta who'd i'd just run into there
Chris does great Neil Young impersonations
his songs are everybit as good as...
but i was distracted because sk was packing his guitar and looking a touch forlorn
i thought this was the perfect moment to introduce myself and pass him the book our emails had suggestively pingponged
but i decided i'm speaking to chris now so forget it
anyway after a couple of minutes
i go to follow Chaz out of the venue
i blink and Steve Kilbey is in front of me
flanked by the big Kakadu juice guy
and someone else, i later gathered from
right, i'll jus give him the book then
i pass it over
ignoring the guys flanking him that are keen to do some business with the killa
leading to monetary exchange nodoubt
Kilbey and I shake hands warmly
but because i'm thinking of Chaz waiting outside
though more imperatively, these two guys pillaring the space beside us
i don't say much
and indicate that i have to go
...that's a shame because on first meeting i like Steve very much
curiously though he reminds me very much of my bro & sis
they are much older than me
my sister is a Sep54 baby
she's still an outrageously funny and outspoken & uncompromising boho who doesn't mince words
and my bro and killa share a resonant booming voice and strong theatrical presence
hey it's all about being in the same tribe isn't it
none of us are exactly in the um.. pAckerman, mDevine, Malcolm turnbull, jwhoward tribe are we...

next day mondayne

the weather still shit and depressing
killa writes in his blog that perusing through material in a cab
...someone handed me a bible...
he lost his 600 dollar glasses
oh fuck! i thought
a bible of course a poetic license for anything
i jus hope he didn't leave his glasses in a taxi on my account
fuck !
and the following days blog
i sensed he may have been addressing his scribe to me personally
saying i want someone to know i don't know what i'm doing
well that's the point isn't it
who does?
we do our best
i wrote that into a response comment
that i cushioned with an anais nin quote
Steve Kilbey is a great man for many reasons, I believe
but he's only a human being
like most of us are
(others being robots or reptilians)
we're all dylan's mr tambourine man's boyz & girlz
dancing beneath diamond skies with all hands waving free
if i give him a book
there's no symbolism or expectation
there's no explanation (ahh, karaoke daze!!) required
enjoy it if you do
and if not
i organise booksales every year!

Nevertheless I would like to catch up with Kilbey again
primarily to buy some prints of his artwork
perhaps even an original
on the virtualworld's grapevine there was a wink thrown to do with a possible Sydney exhibition
of killa's artwork
I look forward to buying some coloured kanvas
of australian psychedelic vision
...that'll certainly keep the sunshine in my life!

Weather predicts sunshine for coming weekend
Yay!! - yelps my inner puppy!

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