Monday, June 9, 2008

torque nutso chip

babybib banter
pasted on the daily tabloids
a total fucking waste of our money
money that is required from us
utterly mandatory
to service banks
and high corporations
and their upward levels of interest
why not just do away with it all??
in the papers
for all of last week
were frontpage squabbles about the price of petrol
one 366daysaweek party
sez petrol will always bee cheepa under us
(winston o’boogie churchill accent req.)
the laboured party - now in poWer
shift their uncomfortable sweaty blue collars about some schematic nonsensical bulbous entity called ‘fuelwatch’
the white colla toffs
Want to cut fuel excise
going against their old toadmaster
john winston verynot o’boogie h-ward
and slimeballs like piers Ackerman
I’ve noticed at unsw lunchbreaks
chomping salad in the café
and rummaging through any paper I can get my bunfight mitts on
tells us in the daily telegraph cucumber…
oh cutting excise is a good idea
as I pump my tarago fullof refined foSSil fueL
it would turn out to be a good five dollars cheaper
oh fuck u piers you opportunist prat
if the laboured party did precisely that right now
you'd be telling your pasty constituates of blueribbons
‘oh how irresponsible they are
tuttut mr rudd you really have no idea
of how to be a good manager
of the economy
or of your cabinet
or office
tut tut mr rudd’
and of course the truly deadly diatribes come from smarter angles ie anti-angels
such as the devine ms miranda
an exemplary model of the class of ‘98
telling her readership all about these WOMD
and that the war in Iraq
would ‘stamp out the cockroaches’
she actually wrote that…
not in the privacy of her own bluenavy journals
but in the smh it got printed

the price of a barrel of oil jumped up this weekend by $11US dollars
we’re shooting up to $150US for a barrel of the crude oil
a number of smaller factors involved here…
the us dolla, shrinkin’ fast
inventory data, not lookin’ so fruitful
Israel talks dirty with her neighbours threatening table options
…biG table options
Yet the primary reason for the skyward trend in oil prices
is that crude oil as a commodity is in high demand
supply looks a little shaky
a miracle of modern civilisation
it has created the modern ultra-convenience high-tech civilisation
one barrel of crude oil
is equivalent to 400,000 years of sunshine
or 25,000 hours of human labour
it took me a while to get my noggin’ around all of this
until I realised…
my car
can drive from here to Canberra in 3 hours on one tank
of petrol ie refined crude oil
I can’t imagine pushin’ my car to Canberra in 3 hours
well…it looks like the era of cheap oil has ended
meaning that up to about the 1960’s
you could basically poke a stickinthesand in a Saudi desert
or texas
and go flying off on a jetspurt of black gold
before you could blink each eye
those same fields are now ageing
new players on the global economy are hungry/thirsty for this black sludge
and it costs a lot more money to extract the remaining amounts out
…we may maintain output as it is for a few more years
but it won’t be rising with demand
that is why the price of cRude is rising

we just gotta live with it
what’s about to happen will be monumentous
see what happens in the leadup to the US presidential election
scheduled for nov08
I’ve no idea
but times are gonna move faster than what they have been

it’s almost as if the swirling ghosts of eons of savage, primal life force
represented by the dead matter of fossils and plants
buried under the surface of the earth for millions of years
is coming back to claim its source
just as we who drink desperately from this vast ancient cup
are ripping it apart like there is no tomorrow
…there is no tomorrow??…
we’ll just have to see

not wait

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Anonymous said...

Little W has a solution - north to Alaska. Drill the wilderness, it's not doing much of anything else. Let's make more petro-dollars - so what if we hasten global warming, who cares if we push the planet closer to the edge and threaten the extinction of all species including homo sap-iens??!! We'll make more money - at least those of us that matter will, won't we daddy? And maybe the little people will get cheaper fuel (at least for another short while) and leave us to get on with the business of screwing the world.
Right on Ross, if only you were completely off the track, but alas, it's a fucked world and our "leaders" are all duds!


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