Wednesday, June 4, 2008

...a interlude...a reflection...

Here am I
and how did it come to this
sitting in front of a bulky computer screen
on a wet & windy June night
composing a 'blog'
six months ago a 'blog' was something actually i'd heard about
but hadn't up till then paid any real attention to the concept of it all
Christmas 2007
warm and wallow and wispy
Boxing Day 07
my computer would not turn on for me
i was a touch dismayed
but decided to visit internet kiosks and cafes
for my email daily fixes
during those summer hazy daisys
postxmas preneuyeare
given that the computer man wouldn't be available
until 2nd of Jan
at these kiosks you pay the automachine
and you're alloted a time to surf the net to your heart's content
i put in too much coinage in that kiosk at the soupercenta
so thought i'd do some underwater googling
i really enjoyed the Church supporting Divinyls a few weeks back, i figured
so i google Steve Kilbey
what's this, a blog? *click*
..i'm stunned, it looks like an online diary
it is an online diary...
and what this stuff underneath
so this is a "blog" methought
ok, so i spend that bit of summer
rummaging through SK's 'blog'
marvelling at it all
delighted to be reading all this immediate, fresh scribe
from an man of admiration to me and many good people
i tentatively post my own comments as an anon
a bit like dipping your pinkie in a vat of boiling water
sort of wondering if somehow you're gonna get burnt
it was ok
i add a profile in bloglog, something silly and pithy
and then in march 08 added a profile in blogger
and started my own blog
of which this moment is playing its part
i wanted to get back into 'writing'
but not officially or steadfastly
just something casual yet expressive and freeing
blogging is it
thanks again sk, for the circumstantial linkage, and the inspiration

When you become a blogger you enter yet another dimension
there is 'reality', earth, nature, the purity within us all
followed by the reel world
where as human individuals we project our wordly identities
onto the objects and people we have humanely contact with
and with that our emotions
our thoughts
our desires
our dealings
our loves
and our not-loves
blogging, and the all the rest of the myspaces & facebooks
squares us firmly in the virtual reality world
where we communicate and share with people we've (usually) never even met
we have great conversations and raps with people from all corners of the globe
sharing songs faces and blogs of opinion verse and conviviality
it's quite nice really
Steve Kilbey's blog obviously attracts fans the world over
however over time you discover his blog is a partially separate entity to his music for those who love his blog stay on
just as those who aren't necessarily fans of his music latch onto his blog (my sister for eg)
for his brilliant and wildly hi-fidelity boho poesy scribe

the problem with blogging is that you really have no way of telling
if a person you may feel you like or dislike
on the blog
you'd actually like or dislike in the reel world
no matter how much intuition one claims in discerning any blogger's intentions
a blog comment is merely a spore
an energy thought of that infinitesimal moment of the eager commenter's mindspace
translated into fast keypad typing
and captured forever in the world of internet
bounded by information snaking through cables
at the speed of light
the earth over and over anon
and appearing as mild electromagnetic radiation
illuminated on flashy flatscreens
that have replaced the older bulkier variety (except mine!)
crushed hopelessly in desolate landfills the planet over

I enjoy the people i've met so far on the blog
I enjoy particularly what people have to say and what they like to express
I care about people
I love people
very much
that's not always apparent though
i tend to be a bit furtive, a stand-backer, an observer
rather than an in-the-face how-you-goin' shake-my-hand-till-it-breaks type
but in observing i love
people in their place and time
doing their best to love and serve
whatever it is
they love and serve

Blogging can be a useful self-discovery tool
sometimes i wonder how my presence conveys itself
being a semi-regular commenter
on Steve Kilbey's blog 'The Time Being'
i tend to find myself thinking about all these people
from all over the planet
who contribute regularly to killa's blog
such is a vice of virtual reality
most people are genuinely nice and sincere
other(s?) are more reactive than Chernobyl
you have endearing armchair pontificators
who give bemusing discourses on Steve Kilbey, Hindu gods, animal rights, veganism & Jeff Beck,
pretty much in that order...
though all of us have one thing in common
we champion Steve, we love his work and what he's given us, and we want to see the best for him and his family
I've wondered how my presence as a commentator is seen by others
i sense i'm a tad mercurial and wayward
not too easy to pin down
because i can be snaggy and sensitive and really get off on Steven's spiritual spires
yet can i draw from my walking-class 'roots' and be yer typical brash Australian
i'm really a very simple sweet upbeat and friendly person, in essence
though i do have lots of angles to my character
in short, we are all people
living on the same globe
doing the best we can for each other
Kilbey's blog is a microcosm of a community of true spirit, and spirits
albeit in the virtual world

and in wonderful reality
last night i found a fantastic free parking spot
close to my destination at Manly beach
when i took to the car some 3 hours later
it was covered - i mean covered! - in bat-shit
i could barely open the door handles
i understood why at a premium time that parking space was left free
so today i will take my car to cop a clean at a drive-in washarooni
and half of what i earned last night
a cool 60 dolla
will go in for a car wash
u gotta larf!!

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