Thursday, June 12, 2008

the genie in the barrel

since I posted my last b-L-og
torque nutso chip !
that which I'd ranted about in that last section of the blog
with somewhat furious fervour
lingered with me
and caused me a 10 degree lift of anxiety

you see I’ve realised
that the worldly people of the goodly earth
have blithely ventured to assume
that ripping up this black sludge aka CRUDE oil
with pure wanton abandon
is merely a rightful act
of no consequence
sure, the burning of fossil fuels contributes to global warming
societies around oil wells in Nigeria and Venezuela suffer unspeakable ills
the repressive kings of Saudi
are funded extravagantly by a criminal US autocracy
to keep the taps flowing freely
but hey, we’ll offset the carbon with cred-its
and when oil’s too expensive to dig
we’ll just find something else to take its place
i don’t think it’s going to be that simple

yet that’s not what worries me so much
even though we’re dealing with an issue that is jii-normous here
you see, most people on the planet
bogged down by the human psyche of time and past
can’t really see that the material world
we see hear and name for ourselves
is really as thin as a cigarette paper
there is the psychic world beneath that
and as you penetrate that you find the pure world of pure spirit
the supernal Life that always Is
problem is then, everything is symbol
I’ve said Oil is a miracle of modern civilisation
this black odious viscous sludge…
…well, you could say it’s dead fossils and plants
but look at it
what’s the symbolism here?
what is the energy factor?
Oil is Energy
Energy that has been fortified and compressed over millions of years
that in itself contains millions of years of formative earth matter
the power the terror the sheer WILDNESS
condensed into what we see
as viscous, vaporous, black goo
it is the Sun inversed
the Sun
light in weight
a star of the sky
viscous and heavy
a barrel of which
contains 400000 years of sunshine’s power
in ripping this stuff up with no care
what are we doing psychically, or spiritually
we are invoking a genie
a magic genie
what else, in the material world, is as magical?
oil has built up all we have today
oil has been the primary slave of the 20th century
and the consequences??
we are digging up the past of the earth
all the terror wildness and brutality of a planet evolving and swirling its steamy orb

over millions of years into the present and near-present Age
is now circling the earth as a psychic entity
and because this was acheived primarily in the spirit of avarice and greed
it is not a happy genie
accelerated climate change is happening
the earth’s climate is catching fever
with alternating sweats and cold flushes
cymbals please??
oil price skyrockets
oil price has taken to having a temperature too
fever hits us as we hit the half-way mark
in our quest to slake out black sunshine forever

from Earth's sacred grounds
and in this very uncertain backdrop
that as of now, our westernised world has begun to perceive
and enter into
the genie I feel is going to accelerate its comedown

it’s going to claim those responsible for disturbing its incomprehensible power
that means – us
humanity as a whole will have to pay a penalty

just as we know the earth is paying a penalty
moaning and groaning and melting and thundering
over the next few years this is likely to become more apparent

we know this, life's been speeding up hasn't it?
if only in love and rightness
we utilised this precious and magnificent earthly gift
bestowed on us by the unimaginable power of ages
with servitude respect and gratitude and great care
but we didn’t
so we’re going to have to pay
it’s very simple really
I’m not making this up
it’s just pure logic
when you see it – within and without –
you realise that’s it’s just the law of Life
and worldly people who are professioned in matters of climate and energy and resources and commodities
are all pensively worried
right this moment
read their articles
not pretty what’s a comin’ down on us

but there is something greater than sun and oil
there is I in the body
this coming timeperiod is a fantastic opportunity for us
to see life as it is
we are here to jump to higher gradient
things will happen on the street that will annoy us
piss us off
next time your (mine) ego takes a questioning or bruising
let it go
let it go
let it go
as I right this I realise
my karma will get more responsibility thrown at it
but things will appear tighter as we move through
the northern summer going into fall
the southern spring moving into hot christ mass
but I love you
and I want you to be loved and well
whoever you may be
because I love you

i need to fill my car with petrol
as it’s runnin’ on empty
in the news they warned us that petrol prices will jump by thursday friday blah
i cannot seriously take concern
for everytime i stick that bowser in the hole of my car and squeeze the gauge
i jussthink what a damn almighty luxury this is
a damned luxury

my next blogs
I hope
I will delve into what really moves me within
and peace
god bless

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veleska1970 said...

"if only in love and rightness
we utilised this precious and magnificent earthly gift
bestowed on us by the unimaginable power of ages
with servitude respect and gratitude and great care
but we didn’t"

that's the trouble with us~~humans are such a consumptive species. it's never enough for us.

"but I love you
and I want you to be loved and well
whoever you may be
because I love you"

same to you. have a great weekend.


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