Saturday, June 21, 2008

day of distant sun

today i awoke
to the shortest day of the year
it's the day when the earth
in it's yearly spin around the sun
has its axis tilted so that the sun is facing the earth
at its furthermost northern point
...henry miller's tropic of cancer...
it's a promising day however
hopefully in many respects
today is the first day of uncompromising sunshine
we've had in three weeks
since 31 may actually...
i almost couldn't believe it
yet i felt relieved and happy
it's the perfect winter's day for sydney
sunny & bright with a cold crisp winds
and a thankful lack of swampy humidity
i would have loved to have gotten out of bed earlier
but i overslept my alarm by about 35 minutes
i was out like the log
even the wailing of this plastic rectangle with led lights couldn't arouse me

i was twice awoken during sleep
at around 3am i heard loud voices from the street
youngish intoxicated bellicose voices
yelling monosyllables repetitiously
my window was open
yet my ears were plugged
(as is my habit)
and yet their loud voices penetrated the foam in my ears
and so
blissed out as i was on good sleep
i just let it pass...
and so thirty minutes on
i'm awoken again by the sounds of a car
revving and speeding around the quiet suburban streets
this seemed to go on for half-an-hour or more
there i was
my body was sensating with that pleasing and warm pins&needles feeling
my body was still in sleep mode
while my head was waking to these ghastly noises outside
there in my little house
in the small bedroom
and with my little head protruding through the blankets and quilt
i was wondering...
why on earth do i have to share this planet with these idiots?
here they are
reptillian brains in seemingly human bodies
driven to burn their rubber signatures on suburban tarmac
demonstrating an appaling disregard
for the citizens woken from their sleep
for the earthly creatures of the night who cower under such awful, violent noise
and to the planet for their degenerate inconsideration and lack of respect
for needlessly creating carbon dinosaurprints
with every rev and hoon
they engage their primitive mindsets on
perhaps i'm too intolerant
for i never understood this passion for fast driving
but doing this at 4am in the morning is unacceptable
and furthermore
these idiots don't seem to comprehend the full impact of what they're doing
to the neighbourhood
to the earth
to the environment
to the precious resource they so wantonly waste
with gleeful savagery
yet...i was still too blissed out to care too much
just that...i overslept my alarm
and didn't do all the things i wanted to this morn
...oh well!

winter solstice is the start of new things
new potentials
new ideas
new motivations
i'm being very quiet at the moment
not doing much playing
and i don't feel like socialising with my muso friends either
i ordered four books by author anais nin from the uni bookshop
where i receive a 15% discount from the rrp
i also borrowed the bob dylan chronicles
that had been donated to my wee library
so my reading pile
is going to be topplin'
i'll be taking a couple of weeks off soon from wok
to tend to my housemind cat a bit more
to travel around the bushy outskirts of syd
to play and write
and to read anais nin
i love her pillowly, soft, sensual and fragrant writing is good
at the day of distant sun

and tomorrow
hopefully a sun-day
it is Sunday...
i am going for a frolic around sydney harbour in the morn
with someone new
how excitement!

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