Tuesday, May 13, 2008

under the influence

It's often quoted
"you learn something new everyday"
well sure as hell I learned this weekend
...never blog under the influence...
ie, drink don't blog
on Friday night I had an idea of what to write
and was in the mood for the blog
I had a glass of red wine with my dinner
...cabbage & vege sausages...
thing is, a red waxy bit of the cork came loose
so it was floating in the wine
I thoughts to myself better drink it all up then
...not a difficult decision to make...
it was Chilean organic grape wine
I had about the equivalent of 3 glasses
so then, belly full-o-sauce
i'm suddenly on the blog
my words and phrases aren't flowing like they usually do
when i'm totally clear
i feel the wine swishing between scalp & cranium
or are they one and the same??
and i feel my liver throwing up the swords
to deal with this onset of spirit
my writing is crusty
i'm not enjoying it
after the first verse
which was laboured and a bit naffy and bitchy and well...crusty
i go downstairs and drink myself a green tea
i feel clearer
i finish the blog
that becomes easier to write as my body becomes soberer
i wasn't happy with the finished product
not that my stuff has to have anything wondrous about it
but as long as to me, it has some degree of character and flow
even innocent, quirky character and flow
this blog, titled the homing pigeon, was jaded
and somehow what i wanted to convey seemed obtuse
and cubist
in a bitchy alcohol-slash-sleep affected way
so since then i've gone in and made tiny edits
no avail
now i've just gone in
and deleted that whole fucking first verse
because i don't want to go there with blogs
if you didn't read it
it was actually kosher
yet almost indecipherably ignoble all at once
and now...the homing pigeon rocks!

i've felt a bit crusty over the past couple of days
feeling a bit put out
with my nose a bit out of place
a bit intolerant of others at times
but mostly feeling the brunt
of writing the equivalent of burnt toast on my blog
i'm feeling fine now
had a good night out
did a good set on bass with the velvets at the Coogee Bay Hotel
the one of many velvet bands
we were 2nd after underground
then came slashes band
and all the rest of them you read in drum media
almost a dozen now
velvet sound, velvet rust, velvet scones, velvet pomeranians, velvet revolution
but i'm determined to stay clear
and steer this blogge with focus and clarity
i promise variety from this waffle
occasionally there will be naval-gazing
often most likely
but there'll be promos of my songs
that appear on my 'space'
there'll be reviews and articles
to amuse and titillate the senses
But i'm doing this for me and my journey
my own personal satisfaction and fulfilment
that friends and family and hopefully more will like it
is a welcome bonus
and so far the reviews have been positive

some may observe and believe that i am indeed
under the influence
well, on the surface that may be true
a lot of people know the culprit
a genius bassist singer songwriter poet painter lyricist from Canberra we shan't name
who happens to blog quite frequently
but really i don't copy anyone
i do this for me
and if i am influenced
believe me Anais Nin is probably the king serve in that respect
i've only started reading her diaries
being the voyeur i am of course
but i love the way she writes and observes
and how she seems so explicit about the people who come into her orbit
more on her another time, hopefully
those influences are fine
but i'll never B.U.I. ever again
i'll get picked up by the thought police
interrogated and sentenced for my lack of respect
for moonface & suns
for the footy show
for Johnny Farnham
for the wiggles
no I'll promiss to stay clear and open
and welcome all with outstretched arms

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