Wednesday, May 7, 2008

month of maya

prithee may i tell thee
may is thee fondest time of yeare
I'd say May is my favourite month
having sydney as my playground
as april turns to may
and leaves turn to red and fall
the warmth drops into a cool familiar pleasantness
sunny days are welcomingly mild
nights become very sleepable as the blankets pile on
i almost feel that may 1 should be new yeares day
because it feels like that to me
with the change in weather
there is clarity of mind
a positivity of step
fresh perspective n new ideas
and a looking forward to a beauticious sidney winter
cool but not freezing
snuggly but not inaccesibley vicous or icy
anzac day could be the new xmas day
but heck xmas is celebrated in july
in some of the colder regions of aus
such as the blue mountains west of sidney

i sense changes afoot
i've discovered new hobbies
blogging is what i've wanted to do for a very long time
but hadn't actually real-ised that
i was into writing at uni
then i did a spate of music reviews
published in various little bits and pieces
and of course i wrote those things
that appear on the jukebox on myspace for egg sample
but i didn't feel like putting pen to paper no more
because that's a skill thats been swamped over by the computer keypad
blogging is the way
just as stillness is the way...
and i've taken up sudoku
just to give my brain a logic twist
its like numerology really
because you're dealing only with the numbers 1 to 9
in sequential logical patterns
i better be careful
too much of that and i'll be seeing everything in number code
i buy a skinnylatte
thats a nine hollers my subconscious mind
a vegewrap
thats a two
guitar strings
...make that six

some things fall away
all of a sudden there are less gigs to play
but i welcome that respite
soon i'll be moving into a temporary housemind
that'll cover the wintertime
so it'll be like hibernation
no i'll just keep on writin' my blogge
play my sudoku
maybe take up astrology
or numerology
to get a fix of brainbuzz
practise and perform with brigette
and hopefully land some eva cassidy shows
there'll be single women to date
woolley jackets to don
sleep to sleep
love to love
for now's the month of maying
the birds are gently swaying
jonne donne said that
may is the nicest time of year
in sydney-oz
i said that


lian said...

thanks Ross.
... a beautiful blog.

Ross B said...

Thank you Lian, that blog just got finished now!! Thanks again for reading! :)

It's coming towards midnight here so I'm off to sleep - welcome aboard Steve Kilbey's blog and I hope you enjoy yourself there!

Be in touch, well-wishes & kindest regards, Ross

lian said...

I came back again to read and your "i almost feel that may 1 should be new yeares day" really put a smile on my face.

good night.


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