Friday, May 9, 2008

the homing pigeon

Last Saturday night
Empire hotel Annandale
close to midnight
and i'm feelin' like a pumpkin already
'groovin to the beat'
and standing by the doorway
a group of people waft in
Stephen Frosoni was among the pack
they'd been to the annandale hotel
seeing an american 60's style garage band
that were apparently very good
i been to school with stephen since age 5
we developed a distant sort of friendship in hi-school that's been maintained ever since
he's the one person on this planet i'm most likely to run into
in all the most unexpected places and times
he plays in a genuinely good band called the Men from U.N.C.L.E.
they do that 60's garage go-go space sci-fi lounge rock groove stuff
and dress the part too
Stephen was at the first Church gig I'd been to
which was at the Tivoli in November 1987
I also caught him at the Church gig in the open air at the Rocks in November 2004
he told me he saw the Church recently support the divynls
i said i saw that gig too i asked him which night do you go on
second night
i said i went the first night
what form was kilbey in that night?
kilbey was going on about swans in a park in glebe said Stephen
i said the kilbey the tease hissed to us that we were a 'curiously charismatic audience'
i told Stephen i read Kilbey's blog
as a daily exercise in headspin
and that he lives in Bondi
Stephen told me he's seen Kilbey in the shopping centre at Bondi Junction
and that he saw a Steve Kilbey solo dvd at jbhifi in the mall
so doubtless I'll be seeing Stephen Frosoni again
if not at a men from Uncle gig
then at Church

come morning
sprightly Sunday
i'm out the screen-door
i face a drive-in-bottlo and a perpetual line-of-cars
waiting for the lights to turn green
i brisk my way to b j
the temple looms
i'm there to purchase earthly produce
from a ritzy boutique fruiterer called Norton Street
its my nearest grannysmith'n'broccoli shop
aside from growin my friggin own
which i plan to start doin quick smart
this oversized shopping complex is barely tolerable on weekdays
but on sunday morning it is anathema
i walk in and feel like i'm running on a4 batteries
everyone looks the same way
we're sunday morning zombies looking to do our thing
and just fuckin' split

i bored the escalator going down
hazily gazing down toward the bottom of the sliding staircase
on the ramp that making its way up
steps on Steve Kilbey
here at a bondi junction soupercenta
on sunday morning surrounded by coles supramarket and vintage liquour
and loads of workaday people traffic
a sudden brickwall alertness holds me
Kilbey's eyes glisten and roll for a split second
so used to he is that sort of recognition
his antennas immediately sense my waves
without having to look at me
he immediately focusses his attention back to what he was doing
quite rightly
tending and talking to his little daughter as they are carried upwards
speaking to her lovingly in sage gravelly tones
i'm not one to usually care about how a guy looks
unless you're in the beatles
but Steve Kilbey is an amazing looking human being
he's alarmingly handsome
even at the age of 53
he's a unanimously gifted being
he looks it too
it's imprinted all over his aura
poet painter writer blogger bassist-extraordinaire singer and songwriter
and likely he's a wonderful dad & husband too
i sometimes see people as energies
i see, and saw, Steve Kilbey's head as a light bulb
a yellow large light bulb
his head is shaped a little that way too
so when i got to the bottom of that lift
i remembered immediately what Stephen Frosoni had told me
after i purr-chased my earthly produce
i about turned
back up that elevator into jbhifi
and bought kilbeys solo dvd
also bought Lennons live at Toronto 69 concert
and beach boys live at Knebworth 80 concert
both going for 10bucks each
a worthwhile venture all-round!

late that night i got to watch the Kilbey dvd
it was excellently filmed and edited
kilbey was in fine playing and singing form
playing some exquisite songs
such as providence
the Magnificent tristesse
almost with you
the list goes on...
I watched the xtras too
there was an interview filmed at an Auckland radio station
on the day of the gig
the radio announcer said along the lines
'poet painter musician really are a renaissance man aren't you!'
'renaissance man' is being bandied about kilbey's blog
but it's apt isn't it?
if anyone on the planet lays claim to the sub-title of 'Renaissance man'
then Steve Kilbey is it
who knows, maybe Peter Koppes can be the purple sage
Marty the Arty One
hey, i respect those guys immensely!
but yeah, killa
Steve Kilbey is renaissance man

it got me thinking what would they call me
little ross b from syd-a-nee
gav a musomate calls me 'the ukeduke'
because i play the ukulele of course
and i carry the thing around with the don't-give-a-fuck swagger of a James Dean
but really i'd just say i'm the homing pigeon
because for whatever adventures have brought me to this point
bits of travel bits of thought
bits of lovin' bits of naught
home is where it's at
home is what we're here for
not a structure or 4walls
that will one day fall and crumble
but to discover home
the temple of our own human body

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