Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Stewy's Shed

Here I sit
at Stewy's studio
36 minutes to midnight
on the northern shure of sydney
polishing up a couple of tracks
re-recorded for Brigette to sing
they sound sweet
like Eva Cassidy's been around...

got an email today from a friend who's in Delhi right now
singin' jazz in a swanky hotel
for 3 months str8
a great gig and muchly deserved
she's worked for it
her birthday today
a grand happy birthday to you LC
and all the best for the rest of your engagement
may it swing'n'scat shimmer'n'shake
as you relive in song the classics of american jazz toons
she wrote me of the kids livin' on the railway
near the Taj Mahal
she bought dinner for the children
one little girl
refused the offer
LC was saddened utterly for these kids
she carried her heartbreak for the little girl
on the train ride home to the hotel
now lodged irretrievably

in her psyche
and i read on LATOC sight
headlines of coming food shortages
rice going up fifty percent
scattered bits and pieces articles & writings
we in the west know nothing about
we are bit-islands in our own insouciant take-it-all-for-granted ness
but the waters around our little feet
are getting higher
give it 1 2 5 10 years
there will be a shift of sorts
it'll be like a sharp stinging backhand across our faces
and it'll fucking hurt...

i'm sitting at stewy's spivvy computer
flatscreen blackrim etal
i'm a leech for fast broadband
seemingly other people's...
i should be helping him
(i'm paying him by the hour goddamn!)
i just wanna finish this mixing
drive home
thru the harbour tunnel
the lit black hole
to sleep

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