Wednesday, April 9, 2008

cliff's edge

Tonite I got my back cracked
duly crackenbacked
mc'd by Pete T
master Chiro
a damn fine drummer and sketcher
not to mention superlative djembe player
a true artist/craftsman if ever there was one
he's the only being in a body i'd trust
to adjust my neck
a snapping motion of a good 45 degrees
done, in one split second
in that instant
inside my neck
i hear a packet of biscuits drop hasteningly to the floor
it feels fucking good
my head feels freer, better
like a freeway has opened up through my neck to my crown
and I walk straighter, jollier
and half my weight lighter

we have dinner
in that villagey suburb of summer hill
the turkish food is relishing
the beer is even better
heinekin is the perfect reward
for having your back massaged to a pulp
and getting ya neck twisted and snapped around
like a rodent meeting its final trapping place
Pete T is an excellent man
a being of true value and great virtue
much needed on this planet
and boy.. the man doth rock

Killa's post was good today
it's always good
killa talked about everything being so "solid"
his beautiful family all around him at home
in comparison to yesterday that was spent in emotional sorrow
at being with a good friend during the stages of passing
at the local hospital st vinnie the pooh
...I feel this way everyday
I'm perpetually curious to read about the serious issues of the day
that signify a sudden scissor cut to our umbilical cordal attachment to worldly life
there is pique oil
there is food shortage
water shortage
there is the terrible possibility of abrupt climate change
there is the basket case of economic things crash stocks depression hyperinflation
- and the remainder of that fucking nonsense
I'm interesting in reading about collapse
I'm fascinated to read about the end of our civilisation
voiced by few writers and scholars
yet make no mistake
the number of those people who go public with this
information of frowning apprehension
is getting more numerical by the month
and yet
you read the mainstream papers
even the more erudite and informative ones
and it's business as usual
6 o'clock swill
business as usual
dumbfuck cloth like daily telegraph
..let's not get started..
2020 summit
business as usual assuming 'usual' will last that long
survival acres & latoc, as examples
are pretty much telling us
that we all are fucking toast as of yesterday
that 'we' are on cliff's edge right now

...I'm thinking of this all the time
when I walk out onto the streets and glaze at shop windows
I wonder who's right and who's wrong
sometimes I feel great sadness that my "way of life" is about to end
ukuleles, singin', blogging
but then...
some fucking prick
in some bullshit prestige car
(don't know the cars as such just recognise the cymbals...)
swans around like the total arrogant prick they are
cutting in not indicating
(happens ev'ry day)
as i'm driving my very practicle and capable hi-undai
i sorta think, well
if the rugs pulled out from under your feet (sorry no feet, just 2 metre tyres, 4 of 'em)
and you just have to fucking cop it sweet
it's salutory even if we all pay
and face the coming days of reckoning

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Anonymous said...

Thank you my dear friend for your kind words and deep friendship.

From your djembe playing Chiropractor brother.


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