Tuesday, April 8, 2008

cbay hotel

tonight i trundled
to my fortnightly ritual
that i activate in fits and starts
according to my song cycles...
there's no money in this gig
not the usual 30 bucks for a forty minute pop
you buy a coupla beers
and you're a tenner in the red
no matter
it's the practise and experience that matters
as well as every so often
a great gig
a magical meeting of time and place
the transformation from being off stage to on is an amazing one
as i'm waiting to go on
i'm pensively sipping on my beer
the singer guitar player's earnest visceral expressions
are hazy on me
i appear doleful
i feel calm and fine enough
but i'm dreaming of being at home
any home
dreamin' of slippers and mugs of warm buttermilk
very roger whittaker...
i take the stage
knowing all too well this is a mugs game
of schooners and middies and eastern suburbs grit
i go into gunslinger mode
here at cbay hotel
overlooking splendid coogee beach
hosting much booze brawn and bimbo
i do my thing
o-riginals mix with covers
often-ones are mr weller
tonight i performed a ray charles song
for the first time
hallelujah i love her so
(apra relax they'll all go on the forrm)
people seemed amused
even grizzled
...very common at cbay hotel...
to cop a blatant r&b attack
dating back 53 years
from an r.b born in '70
but there was a solid group in front of me
who bayed me on
and dug it babey
i was thankful
i stayed to the end
enjoying the sets
supporting those who supported me

the phone's a ringin - - - 9:50am
i hear the effervescent and irrepressible greeting
hi ross it's br-r-r-a-d-d-l-y *razzamatazz*
hi bradley how are you?
..immediately methinks bradley wants me to do a set at cbay tennis centre
just upa the road from the 'hotel'
but no
bradley asks me to be a support act for his solo album launch
to be held at the lansdowne hotel
where i once supported tall tales and true
two friggin' decades ago
i thought that was very nice
and i tell bradley so
i always feel a touch of apprehension about bradley
because some five years ago i yelled at him

very uncharacteristic of me of course
we hadn't been introduced
that was only the second time i'd encountered him
'around the traps'
but a good friend of mine introduces us nine months ago
who'd just been introduced to bradley herself
by the unstoppable and debonair bradley himself
you're a nice guy and a good muso, bradley exclaims with vigour
on the morning phone
and i think, simply and humbly, that's nice
that's just nice
as honourable and noble as nice can be
thanks bradley

you're much appreciated
sometimes a bit of humble recognition
is a good thing
it was nice to take a phone call like that
at 9:50 am
on a monday morning


Stewart said...

Ha ha ha ! What the hell does insouciant mean anyway ?

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